Touch Chesi Choodu
 Ravi Teja, Raashi Khanna
Director: Vikram Sirikonda
Rating: 3/5

When Karthik aka Karthikeya (Ravi Teja) is angry, he will turn into a superhero. Sample this: He can run as well can chase down a suspect accelerating with the high car speed.

He ends up taking care of the villain’s underlings, and this is the time when he is keen to save a child who is taken, hostage. That is just one of the many action scenes which is part of the movie Touch Chesi Choodu.

Touch Chesi Choodu movie review: Ravi Teja defies logic and action sequences

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In this movie Touch Chesi Choodu, the leading man Ravi Teja seems as another gem uttering the most attractive words, “When a case is solved with dedication, you can conclude it in 2 minutes.” Touch Chesi Choodu is typical masala Southern flick with some interesting elements loaded in the movie.

You can think that Karthik can use logical means to prove himself right, but something is there that Karthik is a forced cop who faced the suspect, and he passes sarcastic comments. To teach the corrupted cop and the criminal a lesson, Karthik decided to changes the system which is the main USP of the movie Touch Chesi Choodu.

Amid this we have Pushpa, played by Rashi Khanna is the female lead of the film. In Karthik’s words, she is “only a practice pitch who helps him excel at performing at the actual tournament,” when he is about to meet another girl at an arranged meeting.

Touch Chesi Choodu is a typical movie which is well received by the audiences and Ravi Teja’s fans are giving a good response to the movie anyway. The critics penned the movie with some positive, negative and mixed review which is a big deal for any movie to receive.

Well, the actual plot of the film goes into the overdrive because of all the forced humor and not very breezy romance scenes. How he transforms from a family man to a fierce (more like thuggish) cop which stoles the show before the interval.

The plot unravels only after Sathya, an Economics gold medalist and activist fighting for the betterment of people are killed. And now Karthik took this responsibility to give justice to him which is main USP of the movie Touch Chesi Choodu.

So many characters are introduced in the film but the film totally revolves round Karthik, played by Ravi Teja.

The film doesn’t move forward, but the director has managed to do is stitch together a few emotional sequence, song and dance, and Ravi Teja steals the show so Villain did not get much to showcase.

So Touch Chesi Choodu is a typical masala flick, though entertaining and you will be also going to like the movie a lot.

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