The word Premonitions perhaps arrives as the early in our evolutionary history as the term Premonitions is actually word provided by our ancestors with a greater likelihood of survival and procreation.

So the word Premonitions have been incorporated into their genes and passed down through succeeding generations. As a result, now the days the terms Premonitions or ESP became very common and the word or concept of Premonitions is like derived from the original equipment or family thought.

When you say goodbye to someone at the airport, do you ever feel uneasy? Or ever you see a dream and think for a while that it may come true?

These all features will be regarded as the Premonition, which is also regarded as the ESP, means when something before going to happen you come to know the same.

Premonitions can arrive in the various and several forms—some as vague feelings, others as explicit dreams. Thousands of people have reported having premonitions right before a huge disaster or terrible tragedy which shake the whole globe.

In this article, you will get to know about top 5 Premonitions.

1). American Airlines Flight 191

For 10 nights in a row in 1970, David Booth had a nightmare. While deep in sleep, he witnessed a jetliner veering off a runway, flipping completely over, which is also bursting into flames.

Booth felt compelled to inform the FAA about his dreams which are considered as to be listened to what he had to say and concluded of the dreaming of a Boeing 727 which is probably as a DC-10 plane.

On the day that David Booth had a worst nightmare, about the American Airlines DC-10 Flight 191 crashed just a few moments post the plane was takeoff. One of the plane’s engines broke loose, which was result in turning the plane imbalance. The plane flipped on the runway which was then burst into flames.

All 273 passengers aboard died.

Top 5 ESP And Premonitions Come True!

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2). The Titanic

A haunting series of misfortunes took place when the boat is sinking of the RMS Titanic. The ocean liner almost collided with a boat which is pulled out of the harbor in Southampton. Some said a cat and her litter left the ship that was regarded as the sign of bad luck.

Post the boat sinking, people invented rumors—a cursed mummy was onboard, some people said the same, so of course, it sank. Others said that a champagne bottle failed to break at the ship’s christening. These tales and many more have since that make headlines.

Many people also said about the foretold the sinking through premonitions, and this fact can’t be dismissed and some stories also make headlines. Some of these people actually refused to board the ship, likely to save the lives of people.

Anne Ward was a maid to the Cardeza family, which also bring the most expensive suite on the Titanic in order to survive the sinking. She refused to board the ship post having a premonition which is something bad can occur during the maiden voyage.

Major Archibald Willingham Butt also had an ESP and premonition which was about not stay off the ship—yet he did prepare his will before boarding, fearing correctly that will not make it back to Europe alive.

Top 5 ESP And Premonitions Come True!

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3). Hurricane Katrina

Once Jeremy Driscoll, a Benedictine monk living in Oregon, was listening to a report about dangers of hurricanes in Louisiana when he suddenly had a vision.

He saw the Gulf from a northern direction that is all set to appear out the state of Louisiana in the distance. The land seemed weak, unprepared for any disaster when a risky storm or hurricane then rolled in and destroyed the state, and yet no one was killed this is because of the deserted.

Father Jeremy is still not aware of the vision of the past or the future—until Hurricane Katrina slammed into New Orleans in the month of August 2005.

Jeremy’s vision mentioned the same in his book called The Monk’s Alphabet. Though, the editors chose to omit it, as they felt people would never believe it.

Top 5 ESP And Premonitions Come True!

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4). 9/11

9/11 is a brutal tragedy or accident which took place in America in around 11th September 2001, regarding this various and numerous conspiracy theories, urban legends, and reports from those who claim to have predicted the tragedy.

Wall Street executive Barrett Naylor stated that he had premonitions about the World Trade Center. The first came in 1993 while he was on a train to work. An overwhelming feeling compel him to return home, and he did so—so he just missed the bombing that morning.

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After 8 years the very same feeling of dread once again in the mind of Naylor from going to the Twin Towers he just returned home to see the news 9/11 live on TV.

Naylor worked in finance; he was a practical man and he did not believe in the supernatural. Yet premonitions seem to have saved his life from 2 deadly incidents.

Top 5 ESP And Premonitions Come True!

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5). World War I

Carl Jung’s studies into psychoanalysis which is involved interpreting others’ dreams, but in 1914, he also saw crucial dreams of his own.

The dream indicates the whole sea turn to blood, with multitudes of bodies drowning in yellow waves. Then he saw a cold wave freeze in the whole nation, killing everyone.

Jung actually witnessed a premonition of war, where he thought further dreams of floods—water stretching from the Alps to the North Sea—that showcased a horrible trench that soldier was forced to endure.

He experienced his last dream or some kind of Premonitions in June 1914. Just over a month later, on August 1, World War I began.

Top 5 ESP And Premonitions Come True!

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