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Top 6 Myths of RO Water Purifier Busted | Purified Water

Today, the biggest problem mankind faces around the world is the shortage in availability of pure drinking water. This is despite the fact that the municipalities may be adding chlorine or fluorine to the ground water to purify it but even after this, the viruses and bacteria continue to remain in water.

Subsequently, using the water purifier at home has become a stark necessity to have pure potable water that cleanses all impurities through the RO technique. There, however, are a set of misconceptions and Popular RO Water Purifier Myths that Are Not True!

Myth 1: Healthy minerals are eliminated by the RO water Purifiers

This is an absolutely wrong idea. In fact, the RO Water Purifiers preserve all the healthy minerals while removing or eliminating toxins, contaminants and impurities while the water passes though its semi-permeable membrane.

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The RO process traps only those molecules having molecular weight over 20 and allows molecules having a molecular weight of less than 20 to move through freely thus purifying the water totally. All essential minerals healthy minerals are retained intact while eliminating the harmful organic and inorganic matter.

Myth 2: RO purified water not healthy for human consumption

This is absolutely wrong conception as the reality is that the RO purified water is crystal clear and hest for health of human being.

Those who hold the notion that is it unhealthy should know that the latest scientific research amply proved that this system treats the water so effectively that all impurities are removed to make it germ-free pure water. After eliminating toxic substances and harmful minerals, it also retains the basic taste of water in its purest form.

Myth 3: Water Output purified by RO Method acidic with low levels of pH

It is often held that the RO purified water not only remove the good  minerals but also lower the pH level of water making it acidic. This is a pure myth as no healthy mineral is destroyed in the process of purification of water and the pH value is retained in the purified water.

In some cases, the pH value of the water is reduced to approximately 7 or a little below his mark making water healthy yet very slightly acidic. But that is to make you healthy.

Myth 4: Drinking Water Wasted through the RO Technique

This is not true. The RO technique only separates and removes the TDS and other metal impurities from the source water which are bad for your human health.

To to this, it discharges wastewater that contains all these harmful contaminants and rejected water discharged depends on the quality of the input water. If the input water contains less harmful elements, the discharge will be less.

Myth 5: Soft water leaves a slippery film on the skin when used for bathing 

Such minerals like calcium and magnesium does not allow the soap to lather well and the RO purified water is soft water free from calcium and magnesium in large quantities.

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Resultantly, water will moisturize the skin well and this moisturizing of the skin is the reason that it has a slippery film which makes it easy to clean the dirt and the grime. It makes your skin smooth to touch.

Myth 6: RO or Reverse Osmosis a slow process

The main aim of RO water purifier is to purify water of its harmful elements to provide pure and safe water for human consumption.

This process of removing them makes functioning of the RO a bit slow to purify the water of its TDSs. Time is required to remove impurities to purify the water. That is the reason that RO water purifiers have a water storage tank.

The Conclusion

The RO system cannot thus be compared with the activated carbon filters in any way. Myths are mythical and nothing but figments of imagination!

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Seldom truths and realities are attached to them. Hence, pay no credence to them now that you know the realities of pure, processed water.