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Top 5 Dear Zindagi Facts To Love Life; An Open Letter

My Dear Zindagi,

You are short, sweet, volatile, and often unpredictable. But without you – we are nothing. The very basis of our birth is to lead a life in the best possible manner.

Now, for the first time ever, a dedicated film on life, its complications, and unpredictability will be releasing this Friday with the very same title Dear Zindagi starring Alia Bhatt and Shah Rukh Khan.

Before going into the details and plot of the film, it’s essential to realise what does a human life consist of? Obviously, it can’t be a fairy-tale, but a book full of thorns and suffocation.

Every fortunate person goes through it – unfortunate are the ones who couldn’t live long. Their battle comes to an abrupt end, permanently.

Whichever way you see it, fighting a battle against the nuances of life is never that simple. However, if you surrender early, you are clearly the loser. Whatsoever, Life Goes on.

It gives us a clear message to keep fighting . Candidly speaking, everybody is waging a serious battle in their own lives to live happily.

Survival is the greatest victory that you can make for your dear life or Zindagi.

Some Interesting Facts About Dear Zindagi That You Don’t Know

1) It is Alia Bhatt’s first film with central focus and such a meaty role. Shahrukh Khan and Kunal Kapoor will also be in the key roles.

2) It’s a dream-come-true moment for Alia Bhatt, because she always wanted to do a film with SRK.

3) Music director Amit Trivedi gave a soothing track to the songs in this film. He scored background music for director Gauri Shinde’s last film English Vinglish too.

4) Alia Bhatt is just a few years elder to SRK’s own daughter. Yet the pair looks absolutely refreshing in the movie. The film is a message-oriented movie with an essence of feminism – it’s no simple romcom movie.

5) Long ago, Shah Rukh Khan predicted that Alia Bhatt would be a film star one day. His prophecy just got right. And both stars are now working together in the same film.

Life Is a War That Rages On…

Finding a meaningful solution to your problems in life is a long journey. Sometimes, we get devastated due to repeated break-ups in relationships, and other problems in life, but it must not be forgotten that there are several people who don’t even get that opportunity. Life can end abruptly anytime!

The Coronavirus has taught us this very fact so many times this year!

A human life can’t be perfect. There must be a sea of complications in everyone’s life.

Beautiful Message of Dear Zindagi

So, a simple sweet message of life is clear; Life goes on. Enjoy each moment of life as it comes and do not crib over what you didn’t get in your life.

Play with the sweet life you got. Somewhere else in the world, someone may be eyeing to get the life that you are actively criticizing now. Every life is precious, each moment is valueless. Respect them seriously.

They deserve more love from you. Shower more love to your dear Zindagi. The film is set to change the way how you perceive life.

With these words, I am concluding the letter with an optimist message.

My dear life, I love you. I will continue to love it no matter whether it’s full of stress, tensions or pleasure.

Life is all about making mistakes and learning a lesson from the same, with a firm resolve to not repeat the same!

Thank You

A Pleasant Soul