Emmami is an Indian company engaged in the manufacture of cosmetics, medicines, and personal care items. Emmami brand was invented in mid-seventies era by childhood friends R.S Aggarwal and R.S Goenka at Calcutta. It was because of their humongous courage and hard work that India got its first multipurpose antiseptic cream.

Both R.S Agarwal and Goenka left their high profile jobs with Birla group, and set up Chemco Chemicals at the Calcutta’s Big Bazar. It targeted all Indian customers’ group since inception.

Initially, these two partners launched Cold Cream, Glycerine Soap, Emmami Talc and Emmami Vanishing cream. Quality conscious customers were highly attracted to this brand for its astonishing effectiveness and rich compounds.

But life was not easy then for the Emmami Brand

These two extraordinary men used to go by hand-pull rickshaws to distributers to put their products for sale. Their chain of distributers soon expanded from West Bengal to the Eastern India. Their massive advertising campaign on radio and television was a huge boost to the brand.

It launched the first flagship product Boroplus Antiseptic cream under the Himani Umbrella in 1984. This brand was targeted for all age-group people to get rid of their skin-related worries. Also, the brand was priced attractively to attract even more buyers.

Brand Story: Top 10 Emmami Products That Make You Nostalgic

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Today, you will find a number of products of this brand in the market such as Boroplus, Navratan hair oil, first relief pain ointment, Fair and Handsome cosmetic for men, Mentho Plus Balm, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash, Vaso Care petroleum jelly, and Kesh King hair oil.

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Emmami brand had always involved itself in Philanthropic activities and contributed heavily towards the welfare of the needy people. Emmami brand also has a commitment to women empowerment, reduction in disease, Hunger, relief from disaster. It does so purely on voluntary basis.

Emmami Group and Emmami foundation are also actively engaged in community development, Education, healthcare and environmental management initiative across India.

10 Emami Products That Are Now Part of Our Lives

Navratan Hair oil – One of the country’s fabulous coolest oil, it helps people get rid of nagging problems; headaches, migraines or drowsiness. People love to use it in summer on almost daily basis. Popular Bollywood actors like Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan endorse this “thanda-thanda cool-cool brand”.

Boroplus – When people had very limited choice of a quality antiseptic cream a few decades back, Boroplus rose to the occasion well and acted as the number one solution to cracking heels, dry skin on face and hands.

Fair and Handsome – Touted as the world’s number one cream for men, it protects men from sun block and excessive dryness on face. It is a stress reliever too. The Face is a window to man’s overall health awareness. He must keep it good and healthy. Fair and handsome uses good quality Ayurvedic substance to keep the skin healthy and away from dryness.

Zandu Balm – Zandu balm is one of the country’s leading pain relievers. It is the iconic product of Zandu brand. You can use Zandu gel balm for junior and Zandu Ultra power balm for adult people.

Emmami Mallai kassar cold cream– Because of this cream, people love winter. It uses magnificent tagline “khul ke jio” or “live freely”. Young women love this cream to pamper themselves during winter season. It is a perfect and non-greasy cream. This cold cream hydrates dry skin of the face and offers an attractive look.

Brand Story: Top 10 Emmami Products That Make You Nostalgic

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Emmami Mentho Plus – It is another popular brand from the company. It’s a perfect solution to tackle your cold and cough in style while relieving your headaches. Made from the powerful combinations of Kapoor, Lavang ka tel (cinnamon oil), Pudhina ka phool, Nilgiri ka tel, Gaultheria ka tel, Tarpin ka tel, Ajwan ka phool and Surasar, the cream has a refreshing fragrance and high efficacy. Mentho Plus is now available in the packs of 1gm,2 gm, 4 gm, 9 gm, 5gm.

Kesh King Ayurvedic Meditational oil – This ayurvedic oil is not just used to pamper hair but it also acts as a stress buster. It keeps us away from headache and gives us a good-night sleep. Today, every family faces hair problem – the perfect solution is to dedicate some time for your tresses. Made from sesame oil, Kesh king is highly useful for hair growth and pigmentation.

Brand Story: Top 10 Emmami Products That Make You Nostalgic

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Vasocare – During the chilly winter days, our skin often gets dry, cracked and harsh. But by applying a thin layer of vasocare (petroleum jelly) on your skin, you can easily protect yourself. It’s enriched with the goodness of Tulsi, Aloevera and Chamomile. It has mild fragrance and ensures 24 hours skin moisturizing. In winter, we need some treatment for dryness and dullness. The Vasocare or the light green Jelly from Himani restores adequate moisture in your skin to protect it from dryness.

Our Emotional Relationship With Himani & Emmami

Boroplus powder– This powder provides marvelous cooling effects. It truly reflects the gorgeous Emami aura with which we are well aware of. It is also a perfect choice to sprinkle over your body as a prickly powder for rashes. Made with herbo chemicals, the powder protects the skin from heat rashes.

Brand Story: Top 10 Emmami Products That Make You Nostalgic

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New Navratana Coconut Oil: Enriched with the goodness of almonds and coconut this non-sticky hair oil is perfect to flaunt your hair while keeping your head cool. It completely nourishes the scalp of the hair and provides you relief from tension or stress. The oil has an everlasting pleasant fragrance which will refresh your mind.

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