Tomato Chutney: Side Effects Thought

It is my thought about the past memory of tomato chutney. It is full of nostalgia. Life is a roller coaster experience and I am not special. My memory of tomato chutney is not only sweet but connected with another thought also.

Ok! Lets starts with my maternal grandparents. When they were alive tomato chutney was a frequent dish in their home. We also live with them many years ago. My granny prepared tomato chutney different from my mother. She prepared it with any aromatic root and that aroma is beyond the limitation of taste. My mother prepared chutney rarely. She was a big foodie but did not have a sweet tooth. This way, she had no craving for chutney.

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Nearly 25 years ago, my granny gave a full bowl of #Tomato Chutney to my kid Bro. He loved it but his problem is that he never knew the art of praise for the food.

I learned salty #Tomato chutney from a beautiful woman in 1999. My grandparents love her like a daughter. I noticed such an innocent phenomenon that I cannot help but tell it to you. My granny did not know Hindi properly and mostly spoke in Bangla with everyone. Nobody had any objection. She also talked in Bangla with that beautiful lady.

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My Mom was not like pampering us with serving #Tomato chutney often. She desired that we three siblings would be independents about cooking. Now when she is not with us, I realize my mother is right. She was more practical and different from the image of an ideal mother. But I still am madly in love with her even without any #Tomato chutney memory. My mother cooked every food very tasty. She used to cook tomato Chutney with grapes.

She was an amazing lady. My mother was quite honest to accept that she cooked only those foods which were her favorite. That was her style. My mom’s signature dish was non-veg: fish, mutton, and chicken. I remember my mother always shouted when I finished all the #Tomatoes for chutney. But she was also proud to me when I cooked.

I love to eat tomato chutney with roti and rice. #Tomato is a rich source of vitamin C and good for the brain and eyes. My sister doesn’t like #Tomato chutney much but my parents always appreciated the tomato chutney which I prepared with sugar, tomato, kissmiss, and ginger. These are little bit thoughts about tomato chutney.


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