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Tips For Planning A Hawaiian Getaway

Lush, warm, inviting Hawaii is an ideal way to escape cold winds and weeks of heavy snow. The state is a tropical paradise filled with color and light. The islands of Hawaii sprawl across over a thousand miles of the Pacific ocean, making them a stop off and home for wildlife of all kinds from birds like the Nënë to pods of Spinner dolphins and magnificent Humpback whales. Today, it’s easier than ever to make this state a getaway and appreciate the joys of warm sand, incredible waves just asking to be surfed, and miles of interior forest. Keep in mind certain tips before any vacation. Embracing all that Hawaii offers is one way to have a trip that is full intense and wonderful memories.

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Tips For Planning A Hawaiian Getaway

Allow Enough Time


Getting to Hawaii can take a lot of time. It’s typically at least a few hours on a large plane even from the American west coast or from Asia and Europe. Those who take a cruise may take even longer to get to the islands and just as long to get home. It’s best to allow enough time to fully explore the entire location and get used to a new time zone. A week or even longer is enough time to see as many sites as possible and get the full Hawaiian experience.


Understand the Geography of the Location


Hawaii has hundreds of islands. Hawaii is the largest island and known as the big island. It’s an ideal place to make a home base and has lots of connections with other islands. Other islands in the chain are also popular and have much to enjoy. Maui has over thirty beaches that offer some of the best surfing in United States. O’ahu home to the capital, Honolulu. You’ll find hotels in Honolululocated all over the island. There’s a Disney resort and spa here along with Diamond Head with its lighthouse and incredible views across the entire island.


All Budgets


Hawaiian travel isn’t just a privilege for the upper class. It’s possible to enjoy the island on a budget or aim for a bit of luxury. Consider travel during mid-spring when there are fewer tourists and fabulous weather. Lots of places off an all in one deal that provides transportation, a hotel room, meals and plenty of side trips. Upscale lodgings are also common, making it easy to find a great getaway with all the amenities and amazing, world class service.


Enjoy the Climate


One of the best things about a Hawaiian vacation is the mild climate. It rarely gets too hot or too cold. It’s also not humid so being outside even in hot weather is a pleasure. Plan to stay outside as much as possible during your getaway. Buy groceries and make a fast sandwich that you can take to the beach for a great picnic. Stay outside as the sun sets each night. Hawaiian sunsets are world famous. Have a margarita by the pool and let the colors wash over you in front of the waters. Hawaii’s location in the middle of the ocean also makes it easy to go star watching. Relax and look up while the stars come out. This is your special time to enjoy the islands.