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10 All Time Devotional Bollywood Songs Which Will Be Going You Gives You Some Melodious and Devotional Goals


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10 All-Time Devotional Bollywood Songs Which Will Be Going You Gives You Some Melodious and Devotional Goals: India is also known for its devotion and Devotional or we can see India is a land of god were we worshipped various numbers of gods in order to show our gratitude.


Cinema is the mirror of society so our Bollywood cinema tries to show the fact which is now part of our society. So the Devotional Bollywood Songs or devotion is part of our society and people also love religious bhajans Devotional Bollywood Songs.


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Though, we have some Devotional movies in Bollywood, which are quite popular, like, Jai Santoshi Mata, Ramayan and Mahabharata and so on. The popularity of those movies is par apart as most of those movies are super hit or successful in the Bollywood.

Still, indeed, due to Devotional Bollywood Songs are quite popular, these kinds of songs used to uses or features in the Hindi cinema which are the fairly common trend. Unfortunately, now a day we don’t get to see Devotional Bollywood Songs on the Bollywood movies.

But in the late 1950-60s or early 1970s movies, Devotional Bollywood Songs were quite popular and used to regularly feature almost in the Hindi movies.

In fact, these will be ideal to say some family dramas or inspiring movies of the Bollywood were incomplete or unfulfilled without Devotional Bollywood Songs.

It will be really surprising to know actually, that once upon a time mostly all Bollywood or Hindi films used to have one or twice Devotional Bollywood Songs in the movies.


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This is hard to believe for the current or contemporary generation people or kids but Devotional Bollywood Songs was once an integral part of the Hindi cinema which audiences loved to cherish.

This is really, fascinating to know mostly, those Devotional Bollywood Songs were crooned by the famous and all time popular singers Mohd Rafi, followed by Lata Mangeshkar and Mahendra Kapoor also sung Devotional Bollywood Songs anyway.

Read here 10 All Time Devotional Bollywood Songs Which Will Be Going You Gives You Some Melodious and Devotional Goals

1). Durga Hain Meri Maa Ambe Hain Meri Maa

Film: Kranti

Singer: Mahendra Singh

2). Shirdi Waale Saai Baba

Film: Amar Akbar Anthony

Singer: Mohd Rafi

3). Yashomati Maiyaa Se Bole Nand Lala

Film: Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

4). Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Film: Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

5). Itni Shakti Hamein De Na Data

Film: Ankush

Singer: Sushma Shreshtha, Pushpa Pagdhare

6). Ram Siya Ram

Film: Geet Gata Chal

Singer: Jaspal Singh

7). Jo Tum Todo Piya

Film: Meera

Singer: Vaani Jayaram

8). Jo Tum Todo Piya

Film: Silsila

Singer: Vaani Jayaram

9). Hey Naam Re

Film: Suhaag

Singers: Mohd Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar

10). Ram Ji Ki Nikli Sawari

Film: Sargam

Singer: Mohd Rafi

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