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Tiger Zinda Hai: Movie Review – No Logic Only Magic

Tiger Zinda Hai: Movie Review

Image Source: You Tube

Film: Tiger Zinda Hai,

Directed by: Ali Abbas Zafar

Starring: Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif

Final Verdict: The film is an entertaining film anyway

Tiger Zinda Hai movie review

Rating: (3)

After almost 8 years the film Tiger Zinda Hai, the sequel of “Ek Tha Tiger”, hit theatres which display that Avinash Singh Rathore aka Tiger (Salman Khan) and Zoya (Katrina Kaif) are runaway spies.

The duo is a happily parents of a seven-year-old in the Austrian Alps. But they are forced out of retirement but their love for their motherland is abundances’.

For Tiger it’s a matter of “Desh ki izzat”, for Zoya it’s to show that Pakistan stands “for peace”.

Tiger Zinda Hai: Movie Review

Image Source: You Tube

Ali Abbas Zafar directed the film Tiger Zinda Hai, earlier prequel of the same was helmed by Kabir Khan.

On its last series the melodrama Tiger Zinda Hai which is touted as patriotic movies gives the message of India-Pakistan unity and friendship and this time also the Salman Khan starrer Tiger Zinda Hai take this same message forward.

In this segment of the Tiger Zinda Hai R&AW and ISI are jointly leading the #BringBacktOurNurses operation. What the respective governments cannot do, and the film also showcases the deep love exist between Tiger and Zoya.

The duo is literally working a noble work and seems like the director supports them for the same. On seeing each scene you will be realized that this is written for them and the film Tiger Zinda Hai only.

Nothing much comes of this dramatic arc for Zafar, also the screenplay and dialogue writer, wants every character to wear his patriotism on his sleeve.  Simply in this movie Tiger Zinda Hai, there is no logic only magic!

Zafar sells the fanciful scenario and a particular scene in the film display how myth this film is or has no connection with the reality. When is Indian nurse asked by the ambassador how many nurses are stranded?

She said that 25 Indians and 15 Pakistani. Clearly shows in Tiger Zinda Hai that sisterhood is strong and going further without any religious or geographical barriers.

It will be fine to note that Tiger and Zoya are in the mission to save the nurses from the evil group. The sequel is big and impressive for Salman fans only. Austria, Morocco, Abu Dhabi, Greece are some of the locations which reflected in the movie.

Apart from ISI and R&AW, the CIA is involved too, with the Americans rushing the Indians and Pakistanis to save the nurses will be connected to the RAW and ISI.

Some scenes and storyline of the film Tiger Zinda Hai seem copy from Hollywood action thrillers set in a war zone. There’s an Indian sniper here (American Sniper) who can do anything to save humanity and to achieve victory.

But still massive response the film received from fans and audiences clearly display that aficionadas appetite for Salman Khan are unlikely to change and it is also never-ending.

Overall acting wise and direction wise the film is good and entertaining. Though, Story or imagination of the film is likely inspired by Rajshree Films.

The utopian culture or stuff reflects in the movie but Salman Khan’s appearances’ in the movie make it entertaining.

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  1. this movie said to be sequel of ek tha tiger and it attracts most of the audience due to huge salman fan following and it’s good action pack movie .

  2. Tiger Zinda Hain, I haven’t seen the movie till now. But I am sure that the magic of Salman Khan’s presence is enough to make the movie a super hit. And I am sure that this time also they must have copied some scenes from the Hollywood 🙂

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