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All you need to know about the recessed lights and their usage in your home

Whether it is your old home that you are renovating or it is your new home that you have just built, the lighting and the lighting fixtures are the things that you need to pay attention to. For a house, a good set up of lights can enhance the beauty while a badly created plan of the lights can kill its good looks. Therefore it is essential that we select the lights and the lighting fixtures with care. Although there are several different types of the lights that are used in lighting up a house, and you can have a look at the variety of them here at, but today we are going to talk specifically about the recessed lights.


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All you need to know about the recessed lights and their usage in your home

What are the recessed lights?

As the name suggests, the recessed lights are the ones that are broken into sectors and then put up. Therefore there being instead of a single huge light, would be several small sized lights split up and fixed to the room.

What are the uses of recessed lights in your home?

Recessed lights are amazing in their usage and they cannot only be used in the home but also in the offices and commercial buildings. Their usage is known for providing energy efficient solutions as well. Let us have a look that what are the uses of these light.

  • They can be used to increase the amount of light in a specific room

This does not mean that it is going to make your electricity bill jump up high, rather the recessed lights are a brilliant solution for increasing the light in the room but within the limit of money.


  • They can be used to artwork or special features

This is another usage of the recessed lights that they can be applied to some niche where you have placed an artwork or some other stuff that you like to highlight. The recessed light will fall directly above the item and the surrounding areas would be highlighted, creating a very dramatic effect to the whole place.


  • They can be used to open up the spaces that look small

Another benefit that you can take from applying the recessed lights is the way they open up a space. It is just a trick that the lights play on our eyes. If some specific place is small in size and we need to make it look bigger, putting up the recessed lights in that area can be the perfect solution.


  • They can be used to cut down the large electricity bills

The non-recessed or the single lights are usually of high wattage, thus making your bills ever larger but with the use of the recessed lights you have the option to enjoy the lower bills as well because the recessed lights are all split up and in place or turning all four of them on, you can just turn a single on as well.