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Cousins’ Day: SMSs, WhatsApp, Quotes, Thoughts, Wishes, Greetings And Messages

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WE all Celebrated the world national Cousins’ Day on the 24th July, Cousins Day is a popular kind of holiday which is rejoices with those of the siblings or relatives who aren’t as close biologically but as perkin, they are siblings.

But still, those siblings’ means cousins play an important role in our lives. While some people aren’t close to their cousins, but some people consider their cousins as their friends or even brothers’ sisters and the Cousins’ Day is all about that.

This will be the perfect day which is the Cousins’ Day to call these special members of the family, means their cousins and let them know how special they are for you.


No one knows when this holiday begins but as per some theories and stories, the Cousins’ Day was started by cousins who decided to rekindle his love, affection, and friendship with his cousin on that particular day of the 24th July.

Some Other people have theorized that it was started by greeting card companies for the marketing trick to sell more cards. Regardless of its origin story and theories, on the other hand, the purpose Cousin Day is tough pretty noble.

Cousin Day IS ALSO exactly helps reconnect people with each other in the family. Suppose they are part ways and never see each other again for some days.

Customs, Traditions, and Celebrations

Cousins Day doesn’t have any official celebrations but on this day everybody comes for the marching bands or parades commemorating to celebrate the day. What usually takes place is people either wish their cousins on phone, facebook, SMS, WhatsApp, Twitter or send them some card.

Where is Cousins’ Day celebrated?

These are small but powerful gestures which help a person rekindle that friendship with their distant relatives and cousins.

There is no specific location but mostly in the Europen and American country the day is touted as the holiday and celebrated with full glory.

On this day send some Happy Cousins Day 2018 Whatsapp and Facebook messages and quotes to your lovable cousins to make them feel special!