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The Voice: Grand Finale Episode Sumit Saini Is Winner

Well, it is the result of the TV reality show The Voice has been declared which is quite interesting and fascinating and it is one of the most talented and deserving candidates namely Sumit Saini has been managed to win the show indeed.

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It is the third season of the TV reality show The Voice which is touted and regarded as one of the most popular and famous TV reality musical show ever and it is here the aspiring singer Sumit Saini emerged as winner and declare amid to the fact he is managed to defeated 3 finalists Adnan Ahmad, Hargun Kaur, and Simran Chaudhary as per reports.

The aspiring singer Sumit Saini managed to win, the TV reality show, musical show The Voice and received huge appreciation and some praiseworthy words from the fans audiences well-wishers, friends and family and he also managed to take home the much appreciated coveted trophy and the prize money of Rs 25 lakh which is not a big achievement you know.

The Voice: Grand Finale Episode Sumit Saini Is Winner

In the meantime, the grand finale episode of the TV reality shows The Voice was telecast on the Sunday night at the prime time which was well received by the fans and the audiences.

The top 4 finalists of the TV reality musical show The Voice are which is includes, Sumit Saini, Hargun Kaur, Adnan Ahmad, Simran Chaudhary and all participations of the show turned aspiring singers were selected by the one of the ace music director and the singer of the India A. R. Rahman which is making us sure of the fact that those singing participants’ are damn talented and skilled as no one else A. R. Rahman selects them indeed.

One of the most famous and the popular Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle graced the singing stage of the TV reality musical show, The Voice and she has appeared as the special guests and she there blessed each contestant because of their massive singing talents truly.

While the veteran and the legendary Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle sing one of the very famous and the popular Bollywood retro number Chura Liya Hai Tumne and it was pure magic and an extraordinary charisma to hear her.

While, when the Bollywood veteran singer, Asha Bhosle, sung the retro Hindi number Chura Liya Hai Tumne from the 1970s commercial successful Hindi movie Yadon Ki Baarat it gives some nostalgic goals to the fans and the audiences and it turned to be quite impressive too.

The latest season of the TV reality musical show The Voice have the limelight and immense eyeballs because the renowned and the well-liked Indian musician A R Rahman was part of the show as a super judge.

Alongside, the Indian musical gem, A R Rahman, the musical TV reality show, The Voice, is includes, some other musical peoples like Adnan Sami, Armaan Malik, Harshdeep Kaur to Kanika Kapoor and the eminent and the beautiful TV star Divyanka Tripathi was host of the show and I must say she is just an eye candy.