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The Relevance Of Mahatma Gandhi Today | Gandhi Jayanti | 02nd October Special

The relevance of Mahatma Gandhi and his principles to this contemporary world is huge. In fact, with such a huge amount of mutual distrust, disharmony and violence all around, we need Gandhi ji more than ever.

Mahatma Gandhi’s principles come as a whiff of fresh air to us. The nomenclature itself says Mahatma Gandhi, which translates into ‘The Great Soul’ in English.

He proved it time and again that why he was a freedom fighter to the core – one of the greatest in the world.

Keeping this article short and simple, I will highlight here why Gandhi is still relevant today, and he’ll remain so forever.

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#1). Without Gandhi, India’s freedom from the British rule was impossible.

We couldn’t beat them through wars and battles… they had far more weapons and armed men than us. It was Gandhi who initiated several mass agitations on several occasions in a non-violent and peaceful way that forced Britishers to leave India.

#2). Many ignorant people say Gandhi was responsible for India’s partition, but it’s nothing but a white lie.

Only and only Jinnah was adamant for a separate Muslim land under two-nation theory. Gandhi and Nehru were vehemently opposed to this idea.

#3). Gandhi preached humanity for the manual scavengers.

How many leaders even acknowledge that these people exist and their welfare is equally important? Today, our leaders only and only talk about caste and religion to fuel their divisive political agenda.

#4). Gandhi spearheaded India’s Khadi movement.

Can u even how imagine how many people would become gainfully self-employed if the tenets of Gandhi’s Khadi movement was seriously implemented here.

Unfortunately, most of us see Khadi as a national symbol, not something that could generate millions of jobs in the post pandemic era!

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#5). Nonviolence Is The Key

What do people achieve by using violence as a tool? Hitler might have been a patriot. but the day he resorted to violence and mass killing – he became no less than a terrorist. I think I don’t need to highlight his horrendous concentration camp here, which reminds us about the biggest-modern day holocaust!

#6). Crores of people would have easily died if we resorted to armed rebellions against the Britishers.

Gandhi’s theory of pacifism and nonviolence helped us accomplish freedom in a true non-violent way.

And mind you, everything is not fair in war. The US is still unable to justify its nuclear attack on Japan.

In 1945, the US completely destructed Japan’s industrial towns of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the most gruesome manner killing millions of of innocent people in just a few minutes.  

#7). Gandhi never wanted to be in politics.

He was apolitical person, yet an integral part to Indian politics until his last breath. Gandhi ensured India’s Independence in a lawful, constitutional and democratic way.

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Had we resorted to mass violence, we would have lost all respects from the international community as a ‘newly-independent’ nation way back in 1947.

We can’t imagine a secular, democratic, and justice-oriented India sans Gandhi’s principles.

He didn’t receive Nobel Peace Prize — his ideals and philosophy were much bigger than the honor itself. Gandhi was a world within itself.

If you are not educated and intellectual enough; you will always consider him wrong or unimportant!