There are a lot of claims that online dating is way more easier than its offline counterpart. And actually it’s indeed easier, as you can find your perfect match without going anywhere. So, how come that certain people manage to fail in dating from the comfort of their rooms?

The main reason behind it is that you can’t get anywhere without making the online dating mistakes. While women also inclined to make online dating mistakes, their mistakes are usually concerned trusting their pen-mates too much.

Online dating

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When it comes to online dating mistakes, men take the lead. So, let’s check out the most ridiculous online dating mistakes that men make and ways to avoid them.

Reaching Out to Every Woman 

On of the most common dating mistakes that men make is reaching out to every woman. There are matchmaking algorithms and a lot of other stuff. You can pick any country that you want. You can pick an age group that you are interested in the most.

Common interests work too. Instead, you just start sending letter or chat invitations to every girl who is online. We are not saying that such strategy leads nowhere. Some men successfully end up chatting with five girls and deciding who would become the lady of their hearts. But generally it leads to being unable to choose.

Love Indifferent

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The multiple choice is not the best thing when it comes to dating and relationship, as the more variants you have the harder it is for you to make your choice.

Bragging About Yourself 

Well, that seems quite logical, right? How else she would fall for you, without you reminding her how much money you earn and how many women want you? Well, it may come as a surprise, but it doesn’t work that way.

Bragging to much about your work would make her think that you are more interested in your work than in her. Bragging about your salary would make her think that you are trying to buy her with your money, as you have nothing else to offer (women from any Russian dating site hate such things).

Love indifferent short story

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Thus you are appearing as a very pathetic man, who has nothing but his money. Bragging about your success among women is the most stupid thing that you can do, as talking about other women displays that you don’t actually care which of them would become your lifetime partner. Mind that a woman wants to be the only one for her man. So, keep that all in your mind next time you are starting to chat with somebody new.

Looking for a drama-free sexually active woman…” 

Oh, you are just trying to be honest with your prospective girlfriend or wife? Well, we have to tell you that such information works as a major turn-off for women. First of all, that ‘drama-free’ thing indicates that you have unresolved issues with…don’t know, you mother, sister, former classmate who turned down your offer to dance on the prom.

An Impossible Love That Was Destined to Remain Incomplete

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Women don’t want to date a guy like that. Guys with issues are not trustworthy partners, so keep that in mind when filling your profile. And speaking about the ‘sexually active’ aspect, that may bring women to the conclusion that sex is the only thing you are looking for. So, think what you are looking for. If you want to hook-up, probably Tinder is the app you should use.

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