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“The Mind And Heart Is Definitely Healed By Spirituality.” — Haribakth

We invited Haribakth for an exclusive interview on TheCheckerNews last month. However, he is an extremely busy person with his literary work.  He could only agree to share his thoughts with us on this weekend only.

A former Bank Manger, a prolific writer, and someone who is so much engrossed in spirituality, Haribakth is indeed a man of many talents. His words, ideology, thoughts, and kindness will certainly inspire you all.

We asked several questions to Haribakth on various facets of life and he has candidly presented his viewpoint and thoughts without any inhibitions. Hope you guys will really like the interview and gain some necessary motivations too. So what are you waiting for?

Here Are The Interview Excerpts

Hi Haribakth! Welcome to TheCheckerNews.Com. Please briefly explain about yourself.

Ans: I am Ravindra Rao, writing under the pen name Haribakth. This name explains all.

Did you always love writing? Or have you developed it as a hobby in recent times?

Ans: I neither like nor dislike writing. I felt the need to communicate and thus was born the book. The advent of Computers has helped me overcome writing phobia due to poor handwriting.

Please tell us something about your new book Aksara Bhagavad Gita? How can we buy it?

Ans: Bhagavad Gita needs NO introduction. There are 4000+ commentaries which can be broadly pigeonholed into one of the 21 categories. It has been written about by Seers, academicians, devotees in a flavour specific to them.

What has remained untouched by any one from the past 5200+ years is what Aksara Bhagavad Gita is about. Needless to add that it doesn’t conform to any of the existing 21 moulds, their variants or their combination.

What prompted you to write it?

Ans: What remained unsaid needed to be told.

Does spirituality really heal one’s mind, heart and soul?

Ans: The soul doesn’t need healing. It is immutable. The mind and heart is definitely healed by spirituality. The healing needn’t be instantaneous. It could span many births. Temporary relief isn’t healing in the strict sense.

How does creativity affect one’s life for good?

Ans:  It gives one  a sense of purpose. IT gives a sense of accomplishment. Lastly, it keeps our mind and body preoccupied and away from negativity.

Are you also active on blog or social media? Please comment.

Ans: I am active on FB.

Here’s My FB Address.

I actively participate in Quora by reading and contributing answer occasionally to any query posted to me.

How can we stay calm when things don’t go as per our plan?

Ans: My answer would be theoretical and hence I may be excused from this question.

Please share some tips to stay mentally strong and in good health?

Ans: Being active and practice of Yoga is advocated. Activity need not be restricted to work. It could be hobby, philanthropy, passion or anything.

Did you approach publishers directly or through literary agent? If so share the Agents details for benefit of reader Authors. 

Ans:   70+ Publishers and literary Agents contacted, 60+ non-responses, 5 rejections, 3 proposals unfavourable to Author. I was forced to approach self-publishers.

Pardon my intrusive question which you may attribute to journalistic trait. Why did you go ahead when you and your writing has been rejected? Couldn’t you see the writing on the wall? 

Ans: The word count, mixed genre & niche sub-genre played a major part in rejections. What other choice did I have? Wait for another 5200+ years for someone with literary skills to come up with an interpretative perspective which is inclusive, cohesive, infinite and infallible and in tune with God’s words. And in the interregnum period allow the cosmic community to fall apart by the weight of its own divisive interpretations or should I allow proliferation of birth of religions like cattle and thereafter, internecine slaughter of each other in the name of superiority of their god &their religion, contrary to the teaching of the Lord?

Apart from birth of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Confucianism, India itself has seen birth of Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism with clamour for separate religious status for atheists, Lingayats, converts etc.

Or should I wait for the onset of new eon for God to appear and render Bhagavad Gita afresh?

At the higher level, the efforts, time, money and intellect spent in bringing out the book qualifies as Yajna or sacrifice with each component deemed a different sacrifice with intellect offered constituting Gyana Yajna as delineated by the Lord in the Gita, with the last mentioned one endearing me to HIM. Thus have I read the writing on the cosmic wall and proceeded further.

It has been a pleasure interacting with Mr. Atish who has been faithful to his journalistic credentials and to the reader’s interest by putting forth probing questions without fear or favour. May his tribe increase.

(Thank you, Haribakth, for this insightful interview. We wish you very best in your life and future endeavors.)