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The Life Of Widowed Woman In India

The Life Of Widowed Woman In India

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Since the honorable Supreme Court of India has been already announced that the triple talaq is unconstitutional in a judgment and this is proved a worthy decision in the field of women empowerment.

This is literally a great decision taken by the Supreme Court of India which helped many Muslim women actually.

But when the Nation was busy with the grief of all Muslim women of India over the issue triple talaq they forget that in India Widows are also forced to live pathetic life after their husband’s death.

Being a Hindu or Indian you must be completely aware of the India Widow and their painful life, but it seems like neither media nor news channel is hardly bother about the Indian widow’s painful life.

If those women will get proper or good life post their husband’s death then it will be also another way of the women empowerment in reality.

In some of the cities like Mathura, Vrindavan or Radhakund, women in white spent their day by singing bhajans, chanting mantras in temples or doing some works in ashrams for such a long time, sometimes constantly for 7-8 hours.

It can be considered as the dedications of the women for the Lord in initially, but if you get the deep side of the same, you will feel those women really worked hard and it is also very difficult for any person to work for such a long time.

The Life Of Widowed Woman In India

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Actually, this is the only source of their earning and with this money with the Widow women have food for them or pay their rent. And you will be surprised to know this is very small amount of Rs. 18-20!!

It will be really yet to know who are these widow women and from where they come and why they are living in Vrindavan in the Vidhwa Ashram?

Is not government need to do something for these poor widow women? These are some obvious questions which will be actually and should be actually raised by us.

Who are these Widow women?

Those women actually get married at the very early age of to the men of their double age who died because of their old age but post the death of their husband those women became penniless and heart wrench.

Once a woman becomes a widow, she is labeled a cursed woman, untouchable, so she must leave a destitute life now in isolations.

As people think that if they will be associated with these widow women then they will be also cursed so those penniless women compel to settle in either hut of their village or they move to the Vidhwa Ashram of the Vrindavan.

The Life Of Widowed Woman In India

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In the village reportedly life of the women is so harsh or painful that they are not allowed to live in the village, even they are prohibited to use toilet and water. In some cases, some young girls became the widow at the age of 13 with no hopes of anything in their life they have to live a life of the widow.

Needleless to say they are vulnerable and as per media reports, more than 40 million widows in India – 10 percent of the country’s female population. Widows are still accused of being responsible for their husband’s death, which is a baseless fact but it breaks them physically and psychologically.

However in the Independent India now today widows are not forced to die in ritual Sati (burning themselves on their husband’s funeral pyre), but they expected to mourn until they are alive.  And for the majority of these women, they defined life as “living sati”, which is describes the new outlawed practice of widow burning.

Only 28 percent of the widows in India are eligible for pensions, and 11 percent of them actually receive the payments for which they are entitled.

Traditionally widow women expected to give up all earthly pleasures.  An orthodox widow may be even expected to sacrifice their hair.

The Life Of Widowed Woman In India

Image Source: Colors TV

If you take the case of 100% of India’s population you will find mostly widow women are having no education so obviously, they are compelled to live a destitute life post their husband’s death.

If you see the lives of these women you will realize how it is important for them to have an education so that she can be economically independent to live her life even in the absence of her husband.

They even have to sacrifices their test because as per Hindu religion a widow woman is forbidden to eat good and healthy food like they are forbidden to eat nonveg food which sometimes makes them physically weak too.

What is the government doing for these widow women? 

Reportedly, on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan this year the honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised widows access to all the basic facilities which they need for a comfortable life.

The Life Of Widowed Woman In India

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Some private organizations including, Sulabh and Maitri India have come forward to help these women.

End of the, we only want ‘that widowed Indian woman‘should live a life in full of dignity, as we are living in the modern India society.

Article Source: What A. Bansal Thinks

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  1. Hi Chitra,
    you brought out a serious issue here in this post and well highlighted the plight the Indian widows are undergoing. It is indeed sad to note that they are still not getting their due honor Indian women eligible to receive, yes, even the media is silent on this part.

    Though the govt. is speaking lot about it thru programs nothing is materializing thru.

    This present neglecting trend should end and the authorities should look into these neglected lots necessary and eligible privileges.
    Keep writing.
    Keep informed.
    ~ Philip

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