The Bachelorette: Colton Underwood Defends & Protect His Virginity Post Becca Kufrin Sends Him Packing:

Colton Underwood is has been seen defending and protecting his virginity.

On the ABC reality series, The Bachelorette, on the Monday evening’s episode, Underwood was sent home by Becca Kufrin subsequent to his hometown date, which arrived and declared in the show as surprised post, a week, Colton Underwood, declared that he is being virgin on the show as well as, he also opened up and shares his thoughts, regarding being a virgin in this Bachelorette series.

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“For me, I think there are only about six or seven people in my life that really knew 100 percent that I was a virgin before I went on that,” he told Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti for an episode of their Ben and Ashley: one of the very Famous podcast.

He additional explained of his virginity in an exclusive clip video of the PEOPLE magazine, one of the leading international magazine, “Honestly, my dad didn’t know, I think my mom had a good idea. I hinted. I’m very open with my mom … it sounds weird, but me and my mom have this weird relationship where we’re more friends than we are like mother-son. So I think she had a better idea, but that’s not something you talk to your parents about. I mean, obviously, they knew in high school and in college that I didn’t go out very often and they knew that I never really brought a girl home. So they had an idea, but they didn’t know it for certain. It’s difficult going from six people knowing to about 6 million and they all have something to say about it whether it’s good or bad.”

The Bachelorette,

26-years-old-lad, Underwood, also addressed how his fellow Bachelorette participants responded to his disclose story about his virginity when they called his virginity both a “roadblock” and reason to stop a romantic relationship from further developing on the show The Bachelorette’.

“For the guys who said that that was the hardest part of watching it back because when I hear that, that’s what I’ve heard my whole life, so I start to believe that. So when I hear it’s a roadblock, when people say that, I start to believe that more. So for me to hear people say, ‘Hey, it’s a skeleton in your closet’, it’s like, well, why’s that a skeleton?” he said.

“Why isn’t that just part of who I am and what makes me me? Why does that have to be portrayed as a bad thing? So that was hard for me to hear.”

The Bachelorette: Colton Underwood Defends & Protect His Virginity Post-Becca Kufrin Sends Him Packing

When Colton revealed the news to Kufrin, for the period of their, one-on-one date, she momentarily excused herself from the table. He explained that while he’s not having any opinion regarding sex out of the wedlock, but he simply has not enjoyed intercourse as still, he is in search for the right person with whom he can develop this relationship and indeed he is steps to the TV reality show, The Bachelorette’, in search of the right person.

Reflecting, on the vulnerable moment, Underwood admitted he didn’t feel “disrespected” by Kufrin briefly leaving the date.

“As far as her getting up from the dinner table, I just want to go on record saying I did not feel disrespected when that happened. I understood she wanted to compose herself and figure out exactly what she wanted to say because she did understand how big of a moment that was for me to open up and I think that she respected it enough to gather her thoughts. I think it was more in a respectful way than it was a disrespectful way,” he shared further.

The Kufrin’s decision to evict Underwood subsequent to her time in his hometown of Parker, Colorado, where his dad queries about the Tia Booth situation.

As earlier this was revealed, in January, Colton had a short-lived relationship with Booth, who competed on The Bachelor alongside Kufrin. Though Kufrin wasn’t quite sure how to take the news at first — especially regarding the fact that she and Booth are actually good friends — Booth made an appearance on a recent episode where they blessed Kufrin and said Kufrin should keep dating Underwood.

The Bachelorette: Colton Underwood Defends & Protect His Virginity Post Becca Kufrin Sends Him Packing

Before Kufrin made her final decision about who to keep on Monday’s episode, she was visited by a few of her fellow Bachelor alums to catch them up on where everything stood so far and was pulled aside by Booth, who admitted she still had feelings for Underwood.

finally, Kufrin gave roses to Blake Horstmann, Jason Tartick and Garrett Yrigoyen and a “shocked” that Underwood was sent home.

“I don’t know if we can completely say my future with Becca was ended 100 percent on Tia,” he told Higgins and Iaconetti. “I’m sure that that was a heavy portion of why my future with Becca was ended, so yeah, of course, I was sad. I was disappointed, I was frustrated, I was pissed off. I had every emotion going through me at that time and I didn’t know how to process it. I mean, I think — you guys watched the breakup — I was speechless.”

Underwood Added further, “I had nothing to say because I was so caught off guard and I even had the conversation with Chris Harrison saying, ‘Hey, what’s going down in the Fantasy Suite because I can’t wait to have this conversation, this alone time, with Becca.’ I was already thinking next week.”

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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