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Rajinikanth: Journey Of Thalaivar Inspiring Enough For The Today’s Generation


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Though, Rajinikanth, the biggest super star of the country mark his acting debut in 1975 with the K. Balachander’s Tamil drama Apoorva Raagangal.

Rajinikanth: Journey Of Thalaivar Inspiring Enoguh For The Today’s Generation:-

On 12 December each year, we celebrate the birthday of the Thalaivar Rajinikanth, a globally famous actor of the India, who is indeed blessed with the demi-god status.

Rajinikanth is not only a simple actor; rather he is a kind of emotion with him the fans of the Tamil cinema is connected strongly.

It is really amazing to see when the festival Christmas is coming and in the state of entire Tamil Nadu, the streets decorated with the biggest hoardings of the India’s biggest superstar Rajinikanth.

It is celebration time for fans as it is the birthday of the, none other than, the most genuine superstar of the nation Rajinikanth, and for this reason, aficionados are indeed thankful enough.

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For any Indian movie star, this is not an easy status to achieve which is certainly achieved by #Rajinikanth and most important is that fans love every bit of the superstar who is ruling the Indian cinema for more than 3 decades.

Only some become superstars and manage to retain their market position for such a long time which the “Linga” actor did.

It is really amazing for any actor to achieve such a massive success as well manage the same with a full humble gesture, certainly the superstar Rajni is having a special loving status in the hearts and minds of the fans for some wonderful movies he is having on his kitty.

Rajinikanth is addressed by fans as Thalaivar and if he ever goes missing from the big screen for while it just hurts the sentiments of his fans. So no wonder why the gifted superstar Rajinikanth is still working in the Indian cinema.

Rajinikanth: Journey Of Thalaivar Inspiring Enough For The Today’s Generation

Though Rajinikanth is a Tamil film actor he worked in all regional languages movies, including, Telugu, Kannada and most fascinating to see that he worked in Hindi movies too. Being a Southern actor Thalaivar is represented the Indian cinema globally.

With a good fan base, he is having in abroad too and it is yet interesting to note that he is coming from a humble background. Born as Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, the actor is mononymously renowned as Rajinikanth.

Let’s narrates an interesting story about Rajinikanth and his stardom.

Back in the day, worldwide release of movies in India was not common so Tamil films after a week released in Karnataka; post the film hit theatres on Tamil Nadu.

Now you will be surprised to know that the Rajni fans used to reportedly travel to the neighboring state to just catch the first-day first show of their favorite star’s movie.

Rajinikanth is where he is today is obviously because of his acting skills and also he did something amazing on the screen which never-soon-before.

Like, his incredible ability to flip a cigarette straight into the mouth or his brisk walk as well his another signature styles is to play with the gun with the help of his hands which often display in his movies.

His fans celebrate the birthday of his favorite superstar lavishly outside the theatres in Tamil Nadu and also they carry out social welfare programmes in his name which surely increased his ever-growing popularity.

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Literally, we can say for fans Rajinikanth is like a religion and the words he speaks are the God’s truth so they just worship Rajni which is really incredible to know or see!

An outsider may wonder why fans love or show their veneration Rajinikanth so much.

His natural appearance made and humble attitude makes him popular among the fans and he is a common man hero with whom obviously common man can get connects!

Rajinikanth received the name Thalaivar of the masses as he immortalized some of the common and natural characters’ on screen, like coolie, farmer, waiter and auto rickshaw driver and reduced the wealthy cocksure characters in his movies on their knees.

In this way, he showcased the anger, dream, aspirations, and anger, of the working-class people in his films. They saw him as one of their own, so eventually so fans became his disciples.

Even at 67, he never misses to amuse his audience and he is also contributing to the growth of this Indian film industry. He made his debut with the movie “Apoorva Raagangal” in 1975 for which he embraced the natural acting phenomena.

The Tamil movie “Apoorva Raagangal”, proved milestone and landmark and iconic movie In the Rajni’s career and the actor’s another movie, “Kochadaiyaan”, in the present scenario was shot using motion capture technology. And his upcoming sci-fi film 2.0 is also first Indian film presents in the direct 3D format directly.

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