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Thai Pongal / Pongal 2019: History, Importance’s, Facts & Celebration

The New Year 2019, started and we all started waiting for the celebration of the festival Pongal and this year on the 2019, we will celebrate and observe the festival Pongal on 15th Jan.

The festival Pongal is a 4 day long harvest Hindu carnival, which is also foremost festival of Deccan region, especially, in Tamil Nadu.

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The festival is dedicated to the Lord Sun and the Pongal is the perfect festival when all Hindus display their gratitude and appreciation to the God sun.

Story & Importance’s

It is the day, when all Hindus say thanks to the Sun God for helping in growing crops, which is the sources of livelihood and also #Pongal is a faultless day to say thanks to the farmers, as farmers and peasants are doing farming and providing food and meal to us.

On the basis of meal and food we are surviving, and #Pongal, is the festival, which is dedicated to the Lord Sun and Sun is giving energy and love and sunlight, on the basis of that farmers successfully do farming and we the people of world surviving on the basis of that.

I read somewhere, from the medieval time of the Chola Empire days, celebrations of the festival Pongal is going on, so the mentioned festival is the oldest festival of the India anyway.

As per believed and Hindu folktales, the celebration of Pongal done in Tamil Nadu with great zeal and enthusiasm as the Lord Sun and the God Indra for helping peasants’, so that they can have good yielding crops.

Thai Pongal / Pongal 2019: History, Importance’s, Facts & Celebration

The carnival Pongal is also regarded as the Thai Pongal, which is known as Makara Sankranti in North India, and we all celebrate the fiesta with great fanaticism and passion.

The period when we observe Pongal is known as very auspicious and sacred period and on this day all Tamil people decorate their homes with banana and mango leaves. They also embellish their houses with rice flour attractive patterns.

The word, Pongal means entertainment or celebration and the word Thai means tenth month in the Tamil calendar, in this way, the Thai Pongal come.