An extremely and tremendously sickening incident or scary incident news is coming from Telangana, which is going to gives you, some scary goals.

In Telangana, 2 drunken youth, reportedly, ate a hen (chicken) that was alive. The video of the youth peeling and eating the alive bird was shot by an all spectator at the Mungababad, Telangana and is being widely circulated at the social site and on the internet too.

This deadly incident took place on the last Tuesday in the Mahabubabad district Telangana, where two youths from Kesamudram area were partying. They purchased the chicken and wanted to prepares chicken curry but at the same time they consume drink which is par apart from limit and they were totally intoxicated.

telangana drank man eats live chicken

Under the influence of alcohol, they both were walking towards their home but lost in the mid-way and move towards a jungle.

After a while, one of them woke up feeling hungry and started ripping off the feathers and flesh from the live chicken and eating it.

In the video, the youth can be seen tearing apart the chicken and eating its flesh.

Since the video surfaced on the social site and on the interment, local police have formed teams to identify and catch the accused youth for animal cruelty and indecent behavior in the public area.

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in the meantime, regarding the weird incident, the police officer quoted and said to the leading news portal, Mumbai Mirror, that, “All clues we got from locals proved wrong. We searched the areas suggested by the locals. Till now, we could not identify the youths. Since the area is close to the railway station, we also suspect if the youths came from some other area and stopped here”.

The sub-inspector, Kesamudram, identify and consider that the case falls under animal cruelty and indecent behavior in public which must be taken seriously anyway.

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