As per the Indian religious and cultural ethos and tradition –the festival, Teej plays a significant and a very momentous role in defining the true nature of the relationship between couples who are engaged in their marital life.

Alongside, the festival Teej gives all women a much-needed break from their daily household chores.

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Find out how Teej is significant in India.

Teej: History & Significance of the North Indian Festival

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The religious significance of Teej festival also indicates the devotion of all women for the Goddess Parvati, who shows her all respect and gratitude for her husband Lord Shiva and this phenomenon is also turning to be the inspiration for the all-woman folk.

This is also a very divine day which displays the reunion of the godly couple Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati after around hundreds of years.

Even today womenfolk celebrate and honor this mythological event by observing ‘Nirjara Vrat’ for the well-being of their husband.

Teej is rejoicing at the period of the advent of the monsoon season. Teej coincides with monsoon season and this can leave a great impact on the mentioned festival.

In the period of monsoon our world see a beautiful atmosphere and environment, so the Teej festival falls in this time between August-September, thus, because of the beautiful weather, all women celebrate the day with full glory and zeal.

On this festival married women also wear a good dress, saree, lehenga, salwar suit, they also decorate themselves with Mehendi, bindi, choori, payal, jhumkha, in short, all married women just get up and dress up like a newlywed wife or bride.

They all prepare delicious Prasad for the Mata Parvati and offer them puja by staying fast for the whole day. All women break their fast by consuming vegetarian food, fruit is, curry burry, sweets, and coconut water and so on.

The ladies perform the puja of Shiv-Parvati in the group alongside the other women and then they seek blessings from the god and goddess.

In Rajasthan women also sing and dance with each other on the occasion of Teej. The festival, Teej is mainly celebrated in Bihar, UP, MP, Delhi, Rajasthan and so on with huge glory in North India.

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