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Tamil Nadu Day: Facts, Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Images, Tweets, FB Status

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Well, today it is the Tamil Nadu Day which is a very special day, and also an extraordinary day. It is from the whole world, all Tamil language speaking people are just observing and celebrating this special day called Tamil Nadu Day.

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So on the day, of the Tamil Nadu Day, it is the Deccan state Tamil Nadu is observing and rejoicing its state’s anniversary today. Tamil Nadu state has been turned 64 today, since its formation was done on the historical day of the 1st November 1956.

It is the out of the ordinary day called Tamil Nadu Day is full on the joy-full day, and every being in the Deccan state Tamil Nadu celebrate and rejoice the day, with full love, affection, respect and admiration towards their state.

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It is another interesting and lovely fact that Tamil Nadu Day is a perfect day when all the Tamil language speaking people or the people of Tamil Nadu have some essence and feelings of the oneness, which is itself a special feeling also indeed.

Happy Tamil Nadu Day

So, no wonder, why in the state Tamil Nadu of India the day called Tamil Nadu Day, is celebrated with the massive enthusiasm and zeal.

Well, it is Tamil Nadu is celebrating today the state formation day and it is on the 1st of November, the first time.

It is the 1st November 1956, was the day when the present state widely known as the Tamil Nadu has been carved out from the Madras Province post the States Reorganisation Act, which came into force, in the year of 1956.

Anyway, Edappadi K Palaniswami, the Chief Minister of the Tamil Nadu is all set to take part in the celebrations at Kalaivanar Arangam, on this Tamil D Nadu Day, where cultural programs are all set to take place.