Find out here this is what the Hollywood megastar Sylvester Stallone said after looking the Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff as the Indian Rambo. The American actor Sylvester Stallone played the original role of the Rambo in the cult classic movie Rambo which is considered as the historical movie ever.

Now the English movie Rambo is being remade in Hindi and the “Baaghi” actor Tiger roped to revised the iconic role of Sylvester Stallone as Rambo and it seems like Tiger did justice to his role as Rambo.

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Sylvester Stallone shared his views regarding the news that Tiger Shroff will be featured as Rambo in his iconic film Rambo.
The film revolves around the story of a soldier, who is the last and only alive member of an elite covert unit.
The Hindi remake of Rambo is all set to helm by Siddharth Anand the ‘Bang Bang’ fame.

Last week, the news was announced that the Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff would be reprising the role of Sylvester Stallone in the Hindi remake of cult classic film Rambo.

Later on, Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone took to social media clarifying that he really likes Tiger as the Indian Rambo and also wishes him all the best for the venture.

Previously, Sylvester wrote on the Hindi remake of the iconic film Rambo, “I read recently they are remaking Rambo in India! Great character… hopes they don’t wreck it.”

Now, the actor, through another post writes on his social site, “Some people like to read into words and twist them.. good luck Tiger, go fight the good fight, keep punching, oh, for the Record, I DO NOT CONTROL THE RAMBO PROPERTY , The company “millennium ” does! They also own Expendables. Good luck with that one too.” (SIC)

To this, Tiger Shroff wrote, “There will always and only be one ‘Eye of the Tiger’ for us cubs. You rule the jungle! Thank you so much, sir!”(SIC)

Tiger has also attended Cannes Film Festival where the news flashed that Sidharth Anand is directing the film Rambo in Hindi. Tiger also posted an image from the prestigious film festival on his Twitter page.

Tiger took to social media to share the first poster of the film yesterday and captioned it, “Grew up on this character, humbled and blessed to step into his shoes years later. #RamboRemake (SIC).”

During the Cannes, Tiger shares his views about Rambo’s remake, “Being a martial artiste and a huge action movie buff since childhood, this all seems very surreal, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. By no means do I believe I can replace the legendary Sylvester Stallone; however, I do feel that somehow this is something I’ve been preparing for since childhood.”

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