Last post-Diwali the capital city Delhi was badly surrounded by smoke, fogs and all that which created heavily air pollution in the city Delhi.

This time our honorable Supreme Court tries to test something different in order to improve the air quality, the Supreme Court has restored a ban on the sale of firecrackers till 1 November in Delhi, reported by NDTV.

The people who already purchased the firecrackers can burst the same on Delhi, but frankly speaking, it would be unethical. When selling of the firecrackers banned already in Delhi then it would be ideal for the Delhites to say no to Patakha.

The whole India will be celebrating Diwali on this 19th October.

This Diwali No Patakha In Delhi, After Supreme Court Order

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On the month of September this year, reportedly, the apex court had temporarily suspended the ban on the sale of firecrackers – as it was said that complete ban will be amount to an extreme step.

In the new and recent judgment though, the court said that the 12 September verdict will be in implements till 1st November.


As I mentioned in the above of the article that on last Diwali, the pollution level in Delhi was believed to be worst as per various media reports in approximately around 10 years.

In this festival Diwali actually, in the city Delhi, the selling of firecrackers has been decided to prohibit by the SC as a responding to a 2015 petition by three children aged between six years and 14 months.

In 2016, November, it was a ruled that there would be a total ban on the sale of fireworks within the National Capital Region, which includes Delhi and its near areas, following a petition about the alarming rise in pollution levels which is going in the city Delhi.

Advocate Gopal Shankarnarayanan, appearing for petitioner Arjun Gopal, had competed before the court which ban on the using of Patakhas in the city Delhi as massive uses of Patakha only creates an immense air pollution in the City Delhi which globally witnessed last year post-Diwali.

The Checker News Team appreciates the verdict taken by the Supreme Court and now the capital city Delhi will have safe Diwali without any air pollutions.

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