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Inspiring & Motivating: Dealing with Success and Failures in Life

Inspiring & Motivating: Dealing with Success and Failures in Life

Hello Guys, curtailing the blah, blah, and blah – this speech is about my views on the true meaning of ‘success and failure in life’. Honestly, I don’t find much difference between these two terms.

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In reality, success and failure are the two sides of the same coin. Certain works that are not going in your favor right now, might offer you greater success a few days later.

So, life is a bit complex game!

You can never be cent percent sure about any work that you are going to undertake now or in the future. You can’t determine it by yourself that your next step will bring you a fortune or not.

However, the only thing that you can do is to keep trying.

Mark my words, carefully!

“Trying is the only thing that is in your hand. Unless and until you are able to accomplish your goals, you can keep trying.

In this random discussion, I have emphasized on a few universal facts:

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#1) You should keep trying unless you achieve your goals irrespective of the results.

#2) Success doesn’t mean opulence or owning a lot of money, wealth and this and that.

#3) Trying illegal things can never make you a happy or successful person in life.

Rather it can damage your life and character and reputation. You should never do such things ever in life, no matter whatsoever.

#4) True success means contentment, happiness and enjoying what you are doing.

#5) Never be afraid to make mistakes in life. It means you are actually trying something new, and doing things that you didn’t try before. So, keep it up.

Anyway, guys, I am signing off now.

Success and failures of life

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Define Success in Your Own Terms

Don’t forget to share your definition of success and failure in the comment section. I will be eagerly waiting to hear from all of you.

And finally, if you find any mistake in my speech then please notify me about the same 🙂

Have a Nice Day All.

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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