Small prawn

Crush Coconut

Green Chilli paste

Ginger paste

Khaskhas paste (Poppy Seed)

2 eggs

Salt as per taste


Cumin paste

Corn flour

8 pieces pumpkin flower

Kashmiri Mirch Powder

Method to prepare Stuffing Pumpkin Flower Recipe

Firstly wash the pumpkin flower and keep it aside after draining out the water from and keep it in a plate

Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers with Prawn

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Now make the paste of khaskhas, green chili, cumin and ginger and mixes it together after making the paste of it and mixes coconut crush with it properly.

Now take the small prawn and wash it properly. Now cut the prawn into pieces or you can chop that prawn too.

Now switch on the gas and put there a cooking pan. When the cooking pan will turn hot fries the prawn with the masala properly after the oil will turn hot and when you will be fry the prawn with masala add some salt and Kashmiri Mirch Powder on the same.

Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers with Prawn

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Afterward, the prawn will be mixed with the masala properly you can see that your stuffing is ready. And keep this stuffing on a plate.Now in another cooking pan pour oil and let it warm. When the oil will turn hot, seam the gas and mixes 2 eggs in a bowl with some salt as per taste.

In another bowl mixes corn flour with sprinkle salt and see that the mixing of corn flour has been done. Now you need to take the pumpkin flower and stuff the masala on it means, the prawn which already mixes with the masala.

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Now take the stuffed pumpkin flower and seal or tie the upper side of the pumpkin with thread after you will be stuff masala on the same.

And deep it in the corn flours first then deep it on the egg, again deep the stuffed pumpkin at the cornflour for while and then fires it in the warm oil.

After fries, the flower Stuffing Pumpkin Flower Recipe is done which you can serves with sauce.

By Snigdha Home Chowdhury

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