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single frau suchen Prawn


Green Chilli

Coriander leaves

Bread Crum

Corn flour


Refine oil

Salt as per taste

Kashmiri Meerch powder

Ginger paste

Garlic paste

Chopped onion

follow Method to prepares Stuffed prawn potato chop

First, boil the potato and removes the pill-off the cover and keep it in the bowl.

Now you need chopped the prawn and keep it in a bowl. Now add ginger paste, coriander leaves, green chili chopped, garlic paste and chopped onion.

Sunday Special Recipe: Stuffed prawn potato chop

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Now mixes the masala prawn properly and add some salt. Now switch on the gas and put a cooking pan there. When the pan will turn hot pour one teaspoonful oil on it.

When oil will turn hot fry the prawn on it which is already being mixed with the masala. Now keep the prawn in a pan keep aside to let it cool and while frying adds some salt on the same.

Now smash potato boil with the help of your hands with some salt. And also mixes corn flour with some water and salt in another bowl. Also, take bread Crum in another plate. Now take the potato smash first make medium size dough of the same.

Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers with Prawn

Sunday Special Recipe: Stuffed prawn potato chop

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Now stuffed the prawn mixes on it and make it, round like the ball and it would be in the medium size. Now pour the potato round on the corn flour and then apply some bread Crum on the same and then fry it in the refine till it will turn a golden color.

Every ball of potato you need to fry like this and then your Stuffed prawn potato chop is ready which you can serve as delicious special snacks.

You serve the same with sauce and salad to make your festive season more special.

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