Movie: Spyder
 NVR Cinema
Cast: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, S J Surya, Bharath, Priyadarshi, RJ Balaji, and others
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Camera: Santosh Sivan
Editing: Sreekar Prasad
Art Director: Rupin
Fights: Peter Hein
Producer: N V Prasad
Presenter: Tagore Madhu
Written and directed by A R Murugadoss
Release date: September 27, 2017

Five minutes into the film Spyder starring Mahesh Babu brings a sense that it is not a usual action film. The hero introduces himself with a voice-over. He explains here that main aim of living in this world.

He is okay with this fact that people are considering him a normal being. But actually, his main aim in this movie Spyder is to appear as an undercover agent.

Spyder: Movie review: Mahesh Babu’s film is the elegant spy thriller

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As a junior level officer at the Intelligence Bureau, Shiva (Mahesh Babu) is having a mission anyway in the drama Spyder. He is there to trap everybody in the movie who is engaged with illegal works. The melodrama Spyder is all about that only.

Spyder is the kind of film which is extremely aware of it what audience, are expecting with any movie in the weekend.

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The ace director AR Murugadoss, part from directing also penned the script of the movie. The story and its characters of the movie Spyder are about Shiva and Bhairavudu (played by a sensational Mahesh and SJ Suryah sensational).

Though Shiva believes in humanity, Bhairavudu believes in destruction.

It is so; Bhairavudu is suffering from SPD (Sadistic Personality Disorder), in the movie Spyder which is a euphemism which has been explored in all sense.

The first time we hear about Bhairavudu’s past is like he received some motivations to kill people. He kills people as people cry, is he considered as a pleasant music which is weird.

Review and performances

However, Murugadoss offers plenty of ideas to familiarise this movie Spyder. Mahesh Babu did an excellent job as Siva in the movie and Rakul Preet did not get much scope to do anything. , Bhairavudu aka SJ Suryah as a villain perfectly appears.

Although the film Spyder is all about a battle between good vs evil, the script connects with audiences through the villain’s past. And all the hero has always ruined all the evil plan set by the villain.

Murugadoss tries to repeat the same in Spyder which he did in Thupakki, however, the story of the both movies are different. Mahesh Babu is wonderful in his role as an Intelligence Bureau officer.

Overall views

His body languages also match up to the mark in the movie. It is one of the intense performances of Babu in Spyder. Spyder is also a true blue action thriller which also matches the genre.

Harris Jayaraj’s background score and Santosh Sivan’s cinematography consider main USP of the movie. Wherever, the film is a big relief for the Telugu movie buffs and lovers.

Moreover, still maybe the larger than life appearances’ will not connect with the north audiences anyway. Where-areas the film Spyder focused on an important chapter of the human life, it is connected with mass anyway.

At the end, even if the message of the film feels like an afterthought, its emotion is driving force for the main character.

Strong storyline

This isn’t a Mahesh Babu’s film alone it is an action drama with a strong storyline. Audiences will be liked the movie surely thanks to the Babu’s stardom.

Nevertheless, it is a dominant movie, though, entertaining and Mahesh Babu steals the show.

Spyder has a very different tone from the very beginning and on each angel, it did justice to Murugadoss and Babu’s chemistry. Just go and watch Spyder, you will love it.

Mahesh Babu’s personality and performance
S J Surya as villain
Post interval it is amazing
Production values

Last but one sequence
Predictable climax
Logic-less prospect and scenes

Final verdict: You will like the movie if you are a Mahesh Babu’s fan

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