Some sports destinations are especially famous for their sporting cultures worldwide than anything else. The whirlwind of sports can be found at each of these locations at every walk of life. Obviously, who ever visits these places are bound to get enthralled by the people’s love for the games.

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So, what are you waiting for? Go out and explore the hidden treasure at these places. Sports are the way of life at these famous cities.  This summer vacation, unleash yourself into the world of sports and grab the maximum happiness and enormous amount of bliss that you won’t find anywhere else.

#5) Brisbane (Australia): Touted as one of the busiest metropolises in Australia, Brisbane is obviously one of the most vibrant and vivacious sports destination in the world. Cricket might be the most popular sports here, but Surfing and Scuba diving have its own fan-base too. If you haven’t unleashed your wild spirit here then you should must visit Brisbane now grab a true life-enriching experience.

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#4) Vancouver (Canada): Vancouver city in Canada came to limelight for first time when the city hosted Winter Olympic Games in 2010. The city continues excel more in the coming years with its fantastic sporting infrastructure. You can enjoy various adventurous games like hiking, kayking, cycling, hockey, Judo and cricket too. Thanks to the Asian Diaspora and their painstaking efforts Cricket has now become so much popular sport across Canada.

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#3) Kolkata (India): Touted as India’s sporting capital, Kolkata is ‘the city of joy’. From nail-biting cricket matches to exciting football games, Kolkata has from fans from all sports. Kolkata is a famous spot for hosting Indian games too like Surfing, Hockey, Athletics, Wrestling and Boat race among others. Edens Garden is currently the only cricket stadium in the world that has the capacity to accommodate at least 100,000 spectators to enjoy a live cricket match here.

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#2) Barcelona (Spain): The city of Barcelona is apt to embrace and play various sports with non-stop fun. Tranquil and calm weather of the city lets the visitors enjoy a variety of games including Aquatic sports, football, Swimming, Water Polo and yachting and many more.

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#1) Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): One of the hottest and happening cities of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, continues to mesmerise one and all with its thrilling sporting culture. The city hosted Olympics 2016 last year and is now toted as the leading sporting destination in the world.

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Rio De Janeiro is the Best and Number 1 Sports Destination 

Rio De Janeiro boasts of its superior sports infrastructure and culture. Tourists and Travellers love to participate in the city’s coolest games like Mountain Biking, Football and Scuba diving.

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