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Something happened in the midnight

It is a story of around 2005, in Nainital, when A family used to live together in a good lavish house. Though the house was lavish still, the house was situated in n isolated area of the city, seems like, the house was situated in a countryside type area.

2 daughters and 1 son was private and introvert kind of people so they were fond to stay in the isolated area, no wonder, why they choose their house in Nainital to be in the secluded area.

Anyway, it was just a regular day for the family, which was consists of the one office going son (Anurag), 2 college going girls (Neeta & Geeta) and their mother (Sharda).

Well, in that particular day, 27th August 2005, main head, means father of the family was out of station due to some official works and tour purpose.

And in the night after the other family members, the mother and the kid completed their dinner, they just went in their respective room to sleep down.

It was around 10’O Clock when they went to their every room respectively, and now it was the time when they were sleeping. But suddenly at the midnight, Sharda woke up from her sleep as she heard someone is screaming in Geeta’s room.

The mother now comes in the room to find out what happens and she shocked to see that Anurag is also screaming with Neeta and Geeta in Geeta’s room as the trio felt something weird around them and they also turned to be scared.

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Now Sharda asked their children what happen. Why are they screaming? And why they are scared?

And now Anurag narrate the story that in the midnight he saw a dream, in which he saw a strange kind of mother and son’s Jodi arrived in their house and even they don’t need to open the gate as the mother-son duo just cross the gate!

And after seeing this dream, he also heard a knock in gate, he was shocked to hear so, he thought maybe it is a cat, or even thief can be but when he went to near the gate he was shocked to see nobody was there on the side of gate not even a cat but the gate was knocked.

He was scared to see so and before he could think or say anything, he heard strange kind of screaming and shouting voices are coming from Geeta’s room.

He was so scared and he was sweating but when he dares to go in Geeta’s room, he was shocked to see both Neeta and Geeta are screaming as both of them felt something weird, now the scary Anurag joined them in this act of the screaming.

Now their Mother Sharda tries to come in their room but before she should get up to go, she was shocked to see a shadow of a tall man passes from her side and the shadow has been seen crying.

After this incident years, pass still the family is not aware of the reason “why in the 27th August night” that occurrence happened?

After few years of research, Sharda just shocked to know from her neighborhood Areas that this was a haunted house.

As per a rumor suggest, a wife killed her husband in this house, and he was a tall man and that tall man’s soul stay or wonder around this haunted house still!

DISCLAIMER: This is a completely fictional story and has no connection with any people in reality, place or situation which depicted in this story.

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