Some Haunted Places In Hyderabad That Will Be Blow Your Mind!!!

Hyderabad – the ‘City of Nizams’, is world famous for its biryani, but, perhaps you don’t know, Hyderabad, is happens to have some spooky sinister secrets store in its kitty.

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Some Haunted Places In Hyderabad

So, get the ghost-hunter, and read here, some Haunted Places In Hyderabad which will be surely blow your shrieks out and will be definitely give some goose bumps.

#1. Shamshabad Airport

The Shamshabad is, widely known as the Shamshabad Airport, is located near the Rajiv Gandhi International airport.

This airport was established in wake of various disputes which was result of the several untimely demised.

The victims of the violence were buried beneath the airport and they are now turning to be the restless spirits who haunt the place.

So, we includes, this in the list of some Haunted Places In Hyderabad.

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# 2. Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills

Banjara Hills was a hilly forest, barely populated. Some rich and superior members of the Nizam’s dynasty, were settled there but they used it as a hunting ground.

The area is distinguished by road numbers and the graveyard on road number 12 which is touted as the haunted place, with a reputation earned out of some weird happenings experienced and seen by the inhabitants.

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#3. Golkonda Fort

in around, 13th century, the ruling dynasty of Andhra Pradesh, Kakatiyas, built the Golkanda fort. The fort got renovate as per the succeeding ruling parties’ whims, throughout which the treasure of diamonds got exposed and store them safely in the fort.

The story of the Taramati, is the Spooky-fying, which narrates about a paramour queen of the king. Both died truly in love, and were also buried together.

Supposedly, the queen still dances on her former stage and as per believes of the state her spirit appeared in this fort which give some spine chill to the residential people. That’s why we involve this place in the list of the some Haunted Places In Hyderabad.

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#4. Ramoji Film City

The second major incorporated film city with an amusement park for children, Ramoji Film City was inaugurated and launched by the producer Ramoji Rao in 1996. It is believed that the ghost spirits of the deceased soldiers, reportedly, revolves round the place.

The place is belonged to the Nizams, making it one among the some Haunted Places In Hyderabad.

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#5. Kundanbagh Witches’ Lair

Kundanbagh is said to be a posh and very rich area in Hyderabad, where one meticulous house is said to be believed to be haunted, because of its preternatural activities.

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#6. Ravindra Nagar

In Ravindra Nagar colony in Hyderabad, post a temple was destroyed, residents begin witnessing strange happenings. The numerous suicides committed by the locals are said to be acts of the ghost.

The residents believed, it was the wrath of gods being allowed to run free. This place is also in the list of the some Haunted Places In Hyderabad.

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