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How to perform Solah Somvar or 16th Monday fast puja, the each process given below

Solah Somwaaar

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Story of the Solah Somwaaar

Solah Somwaaar  which is also known as the Monday fasting is touted as very sacred theory and puja to perform by unmarried in which all unmarried girls will be get husband on their own choice.

As we all know that Solah Somwaaar is the puja which is done by young unmarried girls in order to impress the Lord Shiva so that the Lord Shiva can grant the girls boon and blessings.

Somwaaar means Monday is already regarded as one of the most sacred day of the Hinduism and it is the perfect day when we all Hindus worship the Lord Shiva.

And on the Solah Somwaaar which is an age old and very famous Hindu puja observe by and perform by Hindu unmarried girls in order to impress the Lord Shiva so that they can get husband on their own choice is mainly observe in North India, including UP and Bihar.

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So those girls who observe the fast on the Solah Somwaaar which is actually most important part of the puja, visit the Lord Shiva temples on Mondays in order to receive blessings from the Lord which is they visit on the Monday.

The Solah Somwaaar Upvaas means fast means when girls observe 16th consecutive fast on Monday which is very popular and famous vrat of the India anyway among the all unmarried girls.

And people, especially, all unmarried girls observe the Solah Somwaaar fast for the Lord Shiva means Mahadeva who is supreme of the all Lords.

How to perform Solah Somvar or 16th Monday fast puja, the each process given below

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When people can observe Solah Somwaaar Vrat

It is recommended and suggested that in order to receive a happy and peaceful married life; people can observe the fast and vrat of the Solah Somwaaar puja.

It is ideal to observe the Solah Somwaaar fast and to start it on the first Monday of Shravan Month or Saawaan (July-August). The vrat consists of fasting and to perform puja for the Lord Shiva and read and narrate the 16 Monday fast story which is known as the #SolahSomvar Vrat Katha.

If you are observing #SolahSomvar fast and puja then read these some of the features which will help you to do the puja.

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How to perform Solah Somvar or 16th Monday fast puja, the each process given below

  • Firstly if you are performing puja then wake up in the early morning
  • Then you should clean your puja room and most important thing is to take shower.
  • After taking shower it will be ideal for the Kunwaari means unmarried girls to wear white dress or to go for white dress, like white saaree or suit as it is ideally mentioned that white dress is sacred dress to wear on the #SolahSomvari puja.
  • Then you need to do the preparation for puja, like, arrange fruits, flowers, chandan, deep, a Lord Shiva photo, preferably with Maa Durga, and also a Shivalinga, a bowl of fresh water, aggarbatti sticks, sweets.
  • Now wash the pic of Lord Shiva and Maa Durga and keep it aside at the place of Puja.
  • Then decorate beautifully, the puja place with some fresh flowers, deep and aggarbatti in front of the image of the Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati.
  • Also in front of the pic keep the Shivalinga and shower the Shivalinga with fresh water by chanting the mantra, “Om Namah Shivaay”.
  • Give Prasad to the Lord Shiva and Maa Gauri and decorate and arrange the plate of Prasad with some sweets and fruits.
  • Now all girls who are doing the Solah Somvar puja need to read the Solah Somvar katha and take care of the aggarbatti which is need to burnt constantly while reading the Solah Somvar katha and doing the puja.
  • Take care of the diya too it need to light constantly in the front of the Lord Shiva image so make sure to full the diya with adequate oil. Please use either refine oil or ghee for lighting the light.
  • After reading the Solah Somvar Katha, all devotteess need to chant the mantra “Om Namah Shivaaay” for the 108 times which is regarded as very sacred activity of the Solah Somvar puja.
  • Afterward you can do the aarti of Lord Shiva which mark the done of the puja for the Solah Somvar.
  • Now after puja you can distributes the Solah Somvar puja Prasad to your friends and family.


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