It will be surprising for us to know that 16th July is touted as the World Snake Day. It will be wonderful for us to know even there is a day dedicates to the deadliest animal Snake!

It is so as the wildlife never consider Snake as a deadliest or scary animal, in fact, they consider it as a normal animal which is touted as deadliest for them who is not aware of the animal or its facts but if you know about the animal or reptile you will be surprised with this truth that all Snakes are not deadliest or scary!

Though Snakes is the most feared organisms of this planet and our nature is having 3000 types of species of snakes who are living on this planet. Let’s discuss Snakes which is also one of the mythological creatures of this world.

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Venomous snakes when we hear the term we get fear, fascination, and wonder. It’s easy to understand why as Snakes is the poisonous animal and if it comes in human contact no human can survives. But there are some pretty amazing tools is this nature is having with that people can get rid of the bite of venomous Snakes — the hollow fangs, the venom delivery system, and the venom itself. No wonder why people are keen to study the subject of venomous snakes and in this article there is lots of things and facts mention about these wonderful or incredible creatures!

All Snakes are not Venomous:

Most people will surprise to know that only 5% of snake species are poisonous and they appear in the different sizes. So those Snakes are large or big as 20 meters and as small as a few centimeters.

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Even in our world nature is having some kind of Snake who doesn’t bite their prey only spit them but this can be considered as some kind of unnatural for the human being to face.

Snakes do not have ears:

Snakes do not have ears so they recognized their victim only by vibrations which they received from the ground and also feel so.

How many poisonous snakes are there? 

There are more than 600 species of snakes and they are as deadly as they can be as well as poisonous. This is slightly less than a quarter (25%) which comes from all kind of snake species. They come from different kind of families, which come in point of scientific classification. 600 species of snakes our nature is having who poisonous remaining snakes are not poisonous so this point actually enough to dismiss one of the most common misconceptions that all snakes are venomous.

Snake And Some Miraculous Facts Of This Deadliest Reptile

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Still all poisonous snakes are not from they same family, they can belong to a variety of families, genera, and species.

Where do they exist?
Venomous snakes can be found everywhere on this earth. They live on every continent except Antarctica.

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In what types of habitats can they be found?
The snakes are having the habit to live and survive various kind of habitat. Some live in harsh and some adjust themselves in the dry desert environments, while some kinds of snakes can also be found in the tropical jungle environments. And there are some differences between them. Venomous snakes can live anywhere there is (A) warm weather for part of the year, and (B) some kind of food source.

Snake And Some Miraculous Facts Of This Deadliest Reptile

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  • Snakes do not have legs to move and their body made of keratin – the same material by which human nails are made of. They only go via crawling.
  • Some kind of snakes can get their existence in water and they are having massive flexible jaws which allow them to swallow large victim even which are bigger than their heads.
  • As of now 20 main families of snakes finally identifies. And reportedly, snakes are the most ancient creature of the world and living in nature since the Jurassic period.
  • The snakes have transparent eyelids so it looks like when they sleep their eyes are open. The snakes heel by an exceptional kind of method. Once or twice every year, they shed their skins and have a new and perfect skin.

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