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Snake: 14 Captivating Facts About This Deadly Creature

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Snake! The word is enough to give you some spine chill thrilling feelings!! Is not!! Still, it is the Snake is merely an animal, but it is a deadly animal, and if unfortunately, it will bite someone like, either a human or another animal then it will obviously, the victim’s life will turn in risk.

But it is the Snake is a kind of animal, which always attracts human attention towards them and their lives, no need to say, they always fascinate human being towards them.

No wonder, why the World Cinema makes and presents plenty of movies, which are based on the deadly animal called, Snake, like, Snake Woman, Anaconda AND ALL.

As per mythology, especially, Indian mythology, and legend, the animal, Snake have a vital and crucial connection with the human civilization and Hindus is also consider them as a God, no wonder, in India, Hindu people worship Snake as “Naag Devata”, one of the most important Hindu deity anyway….

You will surprise to know that on the 16 July, we All celebrate World Snake Day AND THE DAY is widely observe and celebrates globally, by the wildlife enthusiastic reportedly.

It is no doubt the #Snake is a kind of animal which is very fascinating but at the same time most misunderstood animal too and it will amazing to read here some captivating facts about this deadly creature, #Snake.

Snake: 14 Captivating Facts About This Deadly Creature

1). In Brazil, there is a place, Ilha da Queimada Grande, widely, known as the snake island, this is as per Wikipedia, it is home of the snake, so it is suggested to people that they should not visit the place often.

2). Snakes are carnivores, though; they have no tooth so they can’t eat anything, whatever, they get or they often swallow their prey.

3). They actually, blessed with flexible jaws, so they can trap their prey, even that is if in the double size of them.

4). The Cobra, is also known as the king cobra is the most deadly, venomous snake, ever the world can have.

5). #Snakes actually, don’t have ears but they can identify and recognize their prey by vibration and then they can attack their victim.

6). Vipers are also one kind of #Snakes, who are the most deadly snake of this world, and as per reports, mostly, people die with the bites of Vipers.

7). I hear this from my childhood days, that the #Snakes shed their skin a number of times a year.

8). In India, we consider this creature as a one of the supreme Hindu deity and we worship them in the name of the “Naag Devata”.

9). One of the most deadly snakes, Pythons kills their victim by tightly wrapping then and then suffocating them. I don’t know, whether, Pythons, bites their prey or not?

10). There are around, 3000 different types of Snakes actually live in this world.

11). The term, #Snake is an English word taken from the Old English snaca.

12). #Snake is a kind of creepiest creature, who can’t walk because they are absences from limbs and they can only crawl anyway but they can cover the vast distance by crawling indeed.

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13). The Snake actually has some vital connection with the Hinduism and the Hindu deities’ because, one of the most supreme Hindu God, Lord Shiva depict snake around his neck, like a necklace in most of his images and pics, even in sculpture.

14). In India there is famous mythology persists about snakes, which is widely known as the as “Ichchhadhari” snakes, who can take the form of any living creature, but prefer human form because of the blessings and special power they received from God.

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They also possessed a valuable gem called, “Mani”, which is even more precious than diamond and if anybody will et their eyes towards their “Mani” then the “Ichchhadhari” won’t spare that person even the “Ichchhadhari” won’t show any kind of sympathy towards them.