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I Lost My Smile Somewhere, But Why?


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Sometimes, people smile a lot and sometimes they lost their smiles completely. Life is unpredictable and unplanned. No matter, how much meticulous you are with your life schedule – eventually the hardship of life strikes.

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Losing a loved one is something that is even impossible to think in one’s wildest nightmare but who can escape from the life’s ultimate reality? Life and death are the two sides of the same coin. Just as everything grows from small to big, similarly a day comes when a human body mingles with eternity with no trace.

What remains echoing on the ground is the love and affection of one’s family members. Depression and sadness are sure to encircle the lives of immediate family members after such a misfortunate event and during the days of the bereavement. It will take ample time to heal and return back to normalcy.

Are You Emotionally Bruised, Anguished and Broken?

Sadness is the primary reason why a person may continuously feel the emotional pains. It is not a pain that one feels physical but a mental trauma and agony that incessantly hurts the core of a heart. Missing old happy days and lost loved one is enough to create a vacuum inside your heart that may leave you choked for the rest of your life.

Slowly, this sadness deepens and one constantly falls into the deep tunnels of depression. Coming out of a depression can be far more gruesome and horrendous. Scientifically, depression is a sort of medical disorder that creates mental imbalances in the mind of a person undergoing excessive sadness, low level of motivation and loss of interest in things.

Though everyone experiences the cycles of depressions in his life, the propensity of the same is maximum when he or she loses their loved one. Sometimes, it takes months to return back to normalcy. Some other common reasons of depressions are marital strife, divorce, miscarriage, job loss and break-up in a relationship.

Symptoms of Depressions

#1) Non-participation in day-to-day activities.

#2) Loss of smile and interest in other things.

#3) Poor concentration level and lack of decision-making capacity.

#4) Blaming oneself and feeling guilty for no reason at all.

#5) Low energy levels.

#6) Insomnia and excessive fatigue. 

Dealing with Depressions: A Herculean task

Whatever happened has happened. It’s life, and it mercilessly goes on. A life doesn’t have a moment to stop and reverse the past or else we might not be reading history until now about things happened some 2000 years back. There is no way to get the old days or things back.

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Earlier a person comes out of depression, better it will be for him. He or she should now aim towards making the future more glorious than ever. Not many persons are aware of the fact that “sadness begets sadness. When everyone is a temporary resident of planet earth then why not enjoy each day to the fullest!

#1) Keep a Check on Your Negative Thoughts.

#2) Come out of Pessimism and hopelessness.

#3) Engaging oneself with the meditation and yoga.

#4) Finding one’s own smile and happiness on other’s pleasant faces.

#5) Staying as much physically active as possible.

#6) Take anti-depressant pills only if necessary.

#7) Get, Set and Go. Travel a lot and meet new people.

At the End of the Day, Smile!

God controls everything. He is very kind, generous and omnipotent. Keep your faith alive in God and see how he soon brings a smile to your face!

(By: Atish Home Chowdhury)

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