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Watch Smile Please: Marathi Movie Trailer – Mukta Barve, Lalit Prabhakar, & Prasad Oak

Smile Please

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Well, the Marathi upcoming movie, Smile Please, theatrical trailer is out, which is regarded and touted as one, of the most awaited, much expected and the most activated movie of the year.

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On seeing the theatrical trailer of the next movie, Smile Please, which is a Marathi language movie, we just have goose bumps, and the floating butterfly on the stomach, as the next movie, Smile Please, is a beautiful movie, which is having a perfect entertainment and recreation, surely going to give audiences, some entertainment and recreation goals, anyway.

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And this Trully is over whelming !!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏 #SmilePleasetheFilm #19July @SmilePleaseTheFilm @muktabarve @lalit.prabhakar @oakprasad @krytyavat #HashtagFilmStudios @everestentertainment @sunshinestudiosindia @aditigovitrikar @actortrupti #SatishAlekar @Mahajan.Vedashree @bijayAnand @MayureshWadkar @ro_prads @RohanGoks @rohanrohanmusic_ @Milind_Jog @IraKarnik @godbolemonika @ashisharma630 @Boscomartis @Avadhoot_Gupte @Sunidhichauhan5 @Belashende @Mugdhakharade_ @the_Manndar @Rohanmapuskar @Redchillis.color @p16studios @magicalmakeoversbycherag @bhanushaliamitt @umeshmshinde092 #ImranMahadik @faizee222 @milindmatkar @praful_karlekar @mixwithrohit @rakeshwadhwa5252 @meSwapnilGodbole @amrutamane48 @sameerbhosle9 @thatsHummingbees @prathmeshrangolephotography

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While, theatrical trailer of the Marathi imminent movie, Smile Please, is launched by the, no one else, the Bollywood superstar, Shah Rukh Khan, which is well received by the fans and the audiences, and the netizens, also type, some god words, for the next Marathi movie, #Smile Please.

The Netizens and the internet people, also shares the upcoming Marathi language movie, Smile Please, theatrical trailer, on the micro blogging site, which is in the one hand, goes viral, and on the other hand, it is also praised by them.

Watch Smile Please: Marathi Movie Trailer – Mukta Barve, Lalit Prabhakar, & Prasad Oak

No wonder, why theatrical trailer of the next Marathi movie, #Smile Please, is also trending on the micro blogging site on the positive note.

Well, direction of the next Marathi language movie, #Smile Please, is done by the Marathi movie maker, Vikram Phadnis.

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TRAILER OUT TONIGHT !! #SmilePleasetheFilm #19July @SmilePleaseTheFilm @muktabarve @lalit.prabhakar @oakprasad @krytyavat #HashtagFilmStudios @everestentertainment @sunshinestudiosindia @aditigovitrikar @actortrupti #SatishAlekar @Mahajan.Vedashree @bijayAnand @MayureshWadkar @ro_prads @RohanGoks @rohanrohanmusic_ @Milind_Jog @IraKarnik @godbolemonika @ashisharma630 @Boscomartis @Avadhoot_Gupte @Sunidhichauhan5 @Belashende @Mugdhakharade_ @the_Manndar @Rohanmapuskar @Redchillis.color @p16studios @magicalmakeoversbycherag @bhanushaliamitt @umeshmshinde092 #ImranMahadik @faizee222 @milindmatkar @praful_karlekar @mixwithrohit @rakeshwadhwa5252 @meSwapnilGodbole @amrutamane48 @sameerbhosle9 @thatsHummingbees @prathmeshrangolephotography

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While, the next Marathi movie, Smile Please, is features, the Marathi actors, Mukta Barve, Lalit Prabhakar, and Prasad Oak, in the lead roles.

The leading woman, Mukta Barve, is playing role, of a professional photographer, which is quite interesting, in this forthcoming Marathi movie, #Smile Please, and story of the movie, is all about professional photographer, so we can say, it is a creative movie, certainly.

The upcoming Marathi movie, #Smile Please, is the second feature film of the Marathi movie director, Vikram Phadnis. Last time he directed, the commercially successful and the critically acclaimed, Marathi movie, Vikram Phadnis, so expectation from the next Marathi film, Smile Please, is also massive.

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