Simbu: The Actor’s press meet and speech regarding Cauvery Protests is going viral for right reasons: The internet has many muses — transilient as they are, and these are also quite interesting for the social site also.

Sometimes some important content anyway catches our attention, as those content are either trending content or the viral one.

The Cauvery Protests issue is something which is the hot topic of these days, and some of the celebrities are coming forward in order to throw light on the same.

And the actor Simbu is another movie actor who now comes to speak about the hottest and trendy Cauvery Protests and he organized a press meet about the Cauvery Water Board Management and Sterlite protests that have been going on in the state Tamil Nadu.

The Nadigar Sangam recently organized a ‘silent protest’ for the same were some of the numerous famous actors taking participation in it, which includes, Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth.

Simbu: The Actor's press meet and speech regarding Cauvery Protests is going viral for right reasons

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Simbu started his press meet and he said something which catches plenty of eyeballs that, why cinema celebrities were protesting for issues like these when Kollywood itself is in a state of crisis.

If you haven’t noticed, there has been such a long time, no as such Tamil movie released.

In addition, in a whistle-worthy moment, Simbu takes a direct hit at the ‘silence’ maintained by the Nadigar Sangam. “Pesama irunthathu nala thana prachanaye. Pesama iruntha epdi prachana theerum? (We have a problem because we have been silent. How can a solution be reached without talking about it?),” questioned Simbu.

It is good that Simbu somehow catches this issue that he is keen to show his fans some good movies but for him, Cauvery Protests is also as important as it can be.

In press, Simbu signed that he can be seen in a commercial entertainment in the coming days.

Taking emotional liberties with facts, high on public speaking, push the boat out on the Tamilian identity, asking for a social media revolution with a liberal dose of satirical humor — the speech spoken by Simbu is considered as the pot-boiler.

Here are 5 reasons why you should go ahead and grab that tub of popcorn.

Satirical Humour:

The Cauvery and Sterlite protests actually demanded the ban IPL matches going on at the city Chennai. Observing that it is not anyway good to rejoice cricket matches prior to the current issues, Simbu takes a dry dig at sensationalism in news. “It will be an issue if the audience wears a black badge after T.Rajendar said so, right? Rajinikanth has also said so but taking his name could also create controversy. Kamal Haasan hasn’t said this. Let’s do one thing, Abdul Kalam has asked us to wear black badges at the matches. He came to me as a spirit and told me this when I was meditating,” said Simbu sparking sniggers prior to the journo.

Tamilian identity:

Ever since the Jallikattu protests, Tamil cinema and mainstream pop culture said pride of being a Tamilian several times. Simbu said in his speech. “It doesn’t matter who is saying it. It is for the welfare of Tamils,” bawled Simbu.

He also said by the way, that it is the nature of Tamils to be forgiving. “If a crab bites me, I will put it back in the water. Biting is the crab’s job, protecting the crab is a Tamilian’s job,” asserted Simbu. Play “Aalaporan Tamizhan” in the background already!

Amma sentiment:

Taking a leaf from our cinematic sensibilities, ‘Amma sentiment’ can be regarded as the Tamil commercial cinema.

The examples of tearful moments about the mother’s unqualified love display several times in our Tamil cinema. “We consider Cauvery river as a mother. I am asking will any mother from Karnataka deny her son water? Push all politics aside. If the mothers and the people of Karnataka who I consider my brethren tell us that they won’t give us water, then we won’t ask for it again,” exhorted a tearful Simbu.

Social media revolution:

You can be wonder how the people of Karnataka will tell us if they are keen to share water with us. Simbu’s answer is on the social media are. “I ask all the people of Karnataka to give a glass of water to a Tamilian, take a video of the same and post it on April 11 from 3 pm to 6 pm. If they don’t so, it is a gesture that they don’t want to share water,” said Simbu.

He further asked them to use the hashtag ‘Unity for Humanity’ and stated that even if they saw cries and looked sad for not being able to give water, it is still a victory. “Kanneer um thaneer than. (Tears are also water),” said an emotional Simbu. Remember

Just keep in mind the mobile flashlight moment from Velaikkaran?

Continuing on the IPL issue, Simbu also made an appeal to the CSK captain MS Dhoni to wear a black armband at the same time as playing their first domestic cricket match against Kolkata Knight Riders on the last Tuesday. “I have a lot of respect for Dhoni and I am so happy that CSK has come back to IPL after two years. Dhoni has a lot of love towards Tamil Nadu people. I request him to wear a black band and play the game so that it could help the Tamil Nadu public protesting.”

Simbu also said, “Some people will understand what I just said, while others can ask around to know more,” he said. He then repeated the same lines once again, which consequences in the actor Simbu received a few claps from the audience.

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