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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Written Episode Update – A New Girl In Kunal’s Life

The last night episode of the TV series, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka, begins with Radhika is trying to feed dinner to Mishti in the night and Mishti is continuously playing with her.

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Suddenlly, bell rang and Mishti thought her popsy Ishaan has come and she open the door but upset to see Pari is standing there with her luggage.

Dadi and Radhika are also shocked to see Pari is come to the Mouli’s house, as Mishti hates Pari, and Mishti’s family doesn’t want to make Mishti hurts anymore. But Pari’s maid asked to Radhika and Dadi that Kunal is not in the town and she have to go to her mother’s house as her mother is sick.

So she want, meanwhile, Radhika and Dadi to keep Mishti in their home as in the absence of Asha, how can Pari will stay alone? And it is important for her to go to her mother’s house.

Mishit is upset to know that Pari will live in her house with her but she convince when Radhika explain to her that Pari’s dad is not in the town, so meanwhile, how can she stay alone? So meanwhile, she will be stay with Radhika and Dadi in this house.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

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In the mean time, Mouli celebrates Kunal’s birthday in the other hotel and Kunal shows his appreciation for the kind gesture which Mouli shows to him. The duo now drink together and celebrates Kunal’s birthday.

Because of the drink, now Mouli became intoxicated and she confessed her love and care for Kunal. She also asked to Kunal and criticized him as he cheated with her and betrays her which makes Kunal upset and astonishing.

Now because of intoxication Mouli is unable to walk but Kunal holds her and take her to a room where Mouli get sleep. Next day, Mouli realized that she was intoxicated and she managed to holds her.

Now on the next day, Mouli realized that she started getting attract towards Kunal and she discuss the same with Dadi that how she celebrate Kunal’s birthday on mobile which makes Dadi surprised.

Dadi asked to Mouli that she is doing this as she is still in love with Kunal and her love is real which makes Mouli also astonishing and Mouli also regrets that it is seems like she is cheating to Ishaan which she doesn’t want to do as this is the same which Kunal did to her.

Now Mouli decided to let Kunal know that yes, she is having feeling for Kunal but this will not affect her life anyway and she go forward to tell Kunal the same, she is shocked to see Kunal is hugging an unknown girl and the girl is wishing him happy birthday.

Mouli is also shocked to see both Kunal and the girl together having fun. The girl is also shocked to see Mouli.

Precap: Pari, Raadhika and Dadi are having meal together.