Director Hari’s Tamil movie Si3 which is the third instalment of “Singam Series” starring Suriya, Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan, in the lead role mostly received positive and reviews from the audience.

The much-awaited sequel of the Tamil film “Singam 2”, Si3 aka “Singam 3” hit the theatre this week on 9th February with a bang. The direction of the movie done by Hari which features Tamil superstar Suriya in the lead role with the actress Anushka Shetty.

Si3 (Singam 3): Movie Review, Rating & Twitter Feedback

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The Southern siren Shruti Haasan is also playing a crucial role in the melodrama. Anushka and Suriya were part of its prequel and reprised their own role. Shruti is the additional star cast in the movie.

Si3 Narration:

Singam 3 is a commercial entertainer, which is a high action melodrama. The movie is a sequel to the super hit movie Singam 2 so obviously, there will be like, “History repeats itself”. Apart from the director Hari also penned the script of the movie. Alongside he also handles the screenplay and dialogues for the film.

The film revolves around on the life of an adamant police chief, Durai Singam, who is unable to compromise with injustice.

So in the movie, Durai will be seen fighting against a criminal operation which actually deals with the deadly toxic waste.

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Viewers say Singam 3 has nothing new to offer as it is a typical Masala entertainment. The movie has fast-paced narration so it is gone so fast. Though it is a hugely entertaining film and audiences said they liked Suriya’s performance.

The first half is average and some action scenes are impressive. Soori’s comedy is annoyed as per the viewers’ opinion. The twist at the interval is good, so post interval there will be a momentum. The second half is interesting which stick audiences’ to their sit.

Presentation and performances:

Suriya has delivered a sterling performance. Obviously, he is the showman of Si3.  Anushka Shetty and Shruti Haasan delivered good act and their chemistry with Suriya well received by the audiences’. Thakur Anoop Singh, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Krish, Soori and Robo Shankar also play important role in the movie and they were really good in the movie.

Neetu Chandra is seen sizzling as she delivers a perfect catchy item number in the movie Si3.

Technical elements:

Si3 has been made with a whopping budget so scenario the film is having it’s really good. Priyan’s stunning cinematography, Harris Jayaraj’s melodious music, the brilliant choreography of dance and action were done by VT Vijayan and TS Jay’s good editing and Hari’s punchy dialogues are the highlights of the movie Si3.

So on the technical front, Si3 actually rocks and the entire movie is like by the audiences.

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