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Shubho Mahalaya 2020: SMS, WhatsApp Status, FB Posts, Images & Wishes

The festival, Mahalaya, is very special festival, of the Hindu people, of India, especially, the Bengali Hindu, who considers this day, as very sacred and the very pious day, as from this day, the festival, Durga Puja, in the West Bengal is started, and the festival, Navratri, is started, in North India.

We all consider the festival, Mahalaya, which is one of the most sacred Hindu festivals, as Shubho Mahalaya and on this day, we can see in the social media, and in the different microblogging site, that all people pour good wishes, to each other and also they all wishes each other.

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The sacred Hindu festival, Mahalaya, is celebrated and observed seven days before Durga Puja or the Navaratri begins, and we all wishes each other, means, to our friends and the family, with some sweet wishing.

Something, which is quite common in the Hindu festival, called, Mahalaya, the cuisine, especially, the Bengali cuisine, in the Bengali household, and on the occasion of the Mahalaya, we can see all Bengali language speaking people relishes and cherish, delicious and lavish recipe and meal, which includes, Luchi, Alloor Dom, Maach Recipes, Pulao, Payesh, Mishti, Mishti Doi, Cholar Daal, Sabji, Chatni, and so on.

This is also yet to know and Note, that on the festival, of the Shubo Mahalaya, festival, all friends and the family, come together in the Bengali families, and have join meal or lunch together, which is also mark, the real and actual celebration of the festival, indeed.

The day, means, the festival, Mahalaya, is also like, a remembrance day, for the all Hindu religion following people and on this day, people remember, their forefathers, and offers them Torpon (offerings), a Bengali ritual which is performed by them.

As per legend and beliefs, it is on the day of the Hindu festival, of the Shubho Mahalaya, the Goddess Durga arrives and come in the earth alongside children and she then starts her pious voyage from Kailash to her home (earth).