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An Exclusive Interview with Young Poet Shreyans Kanswa

We often hear nothing succeeds like success, but then the very definition of success is a mirage in itself. Some people view success in the yardstick of money, but for Shreyans Kanswa, true success is finding your inner joy in doing something that you like most.

He is a young and talented poet. For Shreyans, even writing poems and keeping them in a folder in computer is matter of great success and satisfaction to creative individuals like him.

But then how does he feel about the young poets who wish to make a literary career in the field of poetry? Read this excellent and  motivating interview to find out more about Shreyans Kanswa. 

Here are the excerpts

#1) What made you to turn a poet?

Being an introvert I always found writing as a way of expression. And poetry is the most honest expression I ever came across. And the more honest you are the more beautiful the poem will be.

Some few years back I read a few poems that stirred me from inside. And that’s when the journey of writing poetry began. It’s such an interesting way of expression where even a few lines can leave such an amazing and life altering impact on you.

#2) Which poet inspires you most?

I have quite a few favorites, but Charles Bukowski is the one I am most inspired by. His style and the honesty in his poems is what I look for. Also Robert Frost, for his perspectives on life.

#3) What is your message to upcoming young Indian poets?

In the fast paced world poetry calms you down. And above all your aim for writing should be that. I would say observe the world around you and just be honest. Also read a lot.

By reading you will know what you yourself like to read in a poetry and that will automatically reflect in your work.

shreyans kanswa poet

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Shreyans Kanwa Voice of the Soul

#4) The title of your book “Voice of the Soul: Collection of Short Poems” is really intriguing. What is your view on the voice of the soul and what is it all about?

Well I wonder a lot of times about my identity. About who I am. And when I get my answer I end up writing a poem. So voice of the soul in essence is the actual voice of my soul, it’s the voice of the real me.

We have lost ourselves in this reality and forgotten the true identity. So sometimes when we sit alone with ourselves we meet our soul. And hence the title, voice of the soul.

#5) Would you diversify into short story writing as well maybe sometime in the future or have you written some in the past? Please explain.

I have written quite a few stories. On my blog I write. I like writing fiction. It helps you to know yourself, your hidden desires.

Because you can get a different voice through your characters, the voice which you were hiding for some reasons.

#6) It is not easy to emerge as a poet at the early age of 27-years. What is your take in it?

Its not the age. It’s the time when you realize your true essence, because poetry above all demands honesty. And it requires a state of mind that you are ready to be honest about what you say and you have got the understanding of how to say it.

So it’s different for everyone. There are many poets who are younger than me. So age is not a criteria at all.

#7) You are an engineer. Writing poetry, on the other hand, is altogether a different ballgame. How did you bridge that gap?

Actually it’s not different. In engineering you need to design things to get the best possible use from them. And in poetry you need to design the way to arrange words.

So, the best engineered poems will leave the most impact on you. If you understand the most basic idea about any field, you will realize that nothing is different after all. Also, poetry is still not read enough in this country.

The financial expect needs to get balanced by my engineering works. This, every young writer should keep in mind. If you are satisfied financially, you’ll write effectively. Especially for those who can’t write under pressure.

#8) How do you view the future of young poets in India?

Financially, I am not so hopeful. Because you can’t generate money out of it. But even just writing a poem and keeping it in a folder in your laptop is a great satisfaction.

And today we have Instagram and Facebook where we can share our poems, which gives you instant reviews and appreciation.

And hence the poets are increasing day by day, which Is really good. Writing poetry is a healing process. It can do wonders. So the more poets we have the better society we can create.

#9) Upcoming poets in India face a lot of problems. How would you motivate them?

As I said, writing a poem is itself a big motivation. With various social platforms you can get your work read by people and instantly get the reaction and can get better each day.

Also I would say if you read a lot it would be great. It would reflect in your work. Financially, we don’t have the demand as such. There are very less people who loves to read poetry. So, for now we can hope that we get more readers in the future.

Thanks a lot for this enlightening interview. Hope our readers have really enjoyed reading them.

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