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Shitala Mata: One Of The Supreme Hindu Deity

Today it is Sheetala Saptami, so we will celebrate and observe the festival, Sheetala Saptami, on the 27th March 2019. Sheetala Saptami is one of the very famous and one of the very important Hindu festival, and all Hindus, actually, celebrate the festival, with much devotion, love, affection, and respect towards the Goddess, Shitala Mata.

Tomorrow, it shall be the Sheetala Ashtami, which is this year falls on the 28th March 2019.

Shitala Mata is one of the prominent and Supreme, Hindu deity, and mostly, all Hindus believe her and worship her with massive devotion and respect.

Shitala (Sheetala), is a folk deity, predominately, being worshipped by both men and women, mainly by married women, in West Bengal, and some other Indian regions, like, Bihar, Assam and some other parts of North India and so on.

Shitala Mata: One Of The Supreme Hindu Deity

As per the Wikipedia, the Goddess, Sheetala Mata, is one incarnation of Supreme Goddess Maa Durga, and she is famous for curing, small poxes, poxes, sores, other kinds of diseases and she is also blessed people to deal with negative energy, bad supernatural power, and ghouls.

It is believed and being said, that people who worshipped the Goddess, Sheetala Mata, in this universe, he then live a cheerful, prospers, flourish and blessed life. Mata actually, blessed her devotees, to live a happy life and also give them the energy to deal with each and every kind of difficulties and hardship which they can face in their lives.

When devotees, remember, pray and worship, the famous Hindu Goddess, Sheetala Mata, automatically, the Goddess also help her devotes to get rid of the problems, in their lives.

Shitala Mata

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In the present day, it is, Sheetala Saptami, which is a very sacred festival and it is an auspicious day when Hindu people will worship, #ShitalaMata, in the whole India and they shall be pray to the God, so that the Goddess will bless them with a good life.

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As per folk naration and account, it is once, Maa Durga was born as little Kātyāyanī — daughter of sage Katyayan — and she wanted to destroy all kinds of the arrogant evil demonic forces from this whole universe, she also took her real form of Durga, in order to demolish many monsters that were sent by the “Kaalkeya”.

Then a monster called, Jwarasur – the monster of the fever, started scattering some deadly diseases to Katyayani’s friends, like, cholera, dysentery, measles, and smallpox and so on.

Katyayani saves her friends and cured all the diseases from them and she also decided to save the world, from all kinds of diseases and then she takes formed of the Shitala Devi and started curing all kinds of the ailment of the planet and from the children.

The word, “Shitala”, is a Sanskrit word, which is exactly, means “one who cools” and the Goddess; Shitala Mata is worshiped under different names in the various parts of India.

Besides, women, Brahmins, and pujaris, also offer prayer and puja to the Goddess, Shitala Mata. She is, mainly, worshiped in the dry seasons of winter and spring.

Puja of the Shitala Mata is performed by offering flowers, prasad (Jaggery and rice and grams are the main prasad), perform aarti, chanting of the sacred mantra for the Mata is done and also we all pray to goddess, that she will bless all of us and this whole world with her sacred blessings.

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