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Schizophrenia Awareness Week: What is #Schizophrenia”: Is it is a common disease?


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In our day to day life, people are becoming victims of many diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress, work pressure, competition some of these are the reason for it. Diseases like migraine, stress, diabetics, are often making people are vulnerable to people. Apart from the people are already diagnosed with deadly diseases like, “Schizophrenia”.

Sounds uncommon! But “Schizophrenia” is a kind of disease which is now a day’s very common to the human being. Often people are becoming the victim of the deadly disease in this modern time. The term “Schizophrenia “coined by a scientist called Eugen Bleuler. In this disease victim often behave unnaturally!

It is a kind of mental disorder which occurs in the human mind and its effect on the human body along with the human mind. Common symptoms of the disease are victim started believing in false beliefs, unclear vision, confusion, false vision, bizarre words, sentences and such and such.

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What is “Schizophrenia”: Is it is a common disease?

It is not multiple personality disorder or split personality. The fatal, Schizophrenia, is considered as very distinguishing, kinds of the fatal, not so common, akin to another disease called, Alzheimer somehow.

The basic reason for the disease is an overdose of drugs or alcohol which is very harmful to the human body as well the disease is vulnerable to the human body. It’s very important to deal with the disease. You need advice and treatment from an expert or a perfect psychologist to deal with this disease. It is a deadly disease which can be cured by the professional doctor or by the professional treatment will cure the patient.

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The causes of “Schizophrenia” are unknown but probably genetic factors or psychological factors, Environmental factors or physical factors. Research says perhaps genetic data is causes of this disease. But there is no need to be panic for it!!!!

The support from friends and family will act as a medicine for the people who are suffering from schizophrenia. If people stay busy it will help them, to get a cure from the disease a lot.

An individual should avoid mental tensions or depressions or its prolonging in the human brain. Loneliness must be avoided.

People need a proper and balanced diet for a healthy life’s style. Equally, proper food is requiring avoiding deadly disease like “Schizophrenia”.

Mental illness is the cause of this disease so mental happiness and peace are very important against this disease.

A romantic ride or a comic film it will be proved useful for the disease. Good music can also give relieves from mental stress. It’s very important to know about the deadly disease like Schizophrenia.

The population of Europe and East and South Asia this disease is often common but proper treatment can prevent these kinds of diseases.

We only live once so why should not we take care of our life and health are wealth so take care of your health. Eat healthily, sleep proper, stay happy, most important by adopting meditation theory not only you will prevent deadly disease like schizophrenia rather you will prevent all disease.


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