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Top 5 renditions of original songs by Sanam band

We all know the much adored and popular band Sanam. Or one must have at least heard of them. Their many talents include creating their renditions of old Bollywood songs. These songs are considered classics and remakes of them always fall short in some of the other aspects. Sanam is, however, one such band that has aced the remake scene. You must definitely hear their songs and then decide for yourself. So, these are the top 5 picks from their Bollywood renditions that are a treat to the ears and also, the best!


  1. GulabiAankhein


If anyone is asked to choose one out of the many , Sanam Puri Songs it would definitely be this. This modern version of GulabiAankhein would blow your mind away and you would not stop listening to it on loop. The beachy landscapes in the video only make it more refreshing.


  1. HaiApnaDil To Aawara


The band has yet again scored on this soundtrack from the movie ‘SolvaSaal’ and their version yet again reminds us of the happy and carefree vibe of this song. The video is a visual treat to the audiences. It also makes us hopeful that yes, remakes can be this good.


  1. Mere MehboobQayamatHogi


This rendition is yet again a heart-warming and soul touching. The twist is just the right amount of every element that is required to make this one a masterpiece.

This song will not fail to impress you and that is a promise. It is here to serve purely good music to the listeners.



  1. TareefKaroon


This song from Kashmir Ki Kali is one of the most iconic songs to date. Sanam has done careful justice to the song’s remake by restoring its charm and playful vibe. This version of the song feels more energetic, bubbly and melodious. The video looks modern and edgy with retro feels throughout.


  1. O Mere DilKe Chain


This classic song has been given a slight modern but elegant twist by Sanam. The nostalgic value of the song remains untouched and so does the jazzy vibe. SanamPuri’s beautiful voice is truly a treat to the ears. And the band members and their individual performances are an equal treat as well!


Sanam band has a lot of songs to their credit but these five are truly the best. You can also download latest songs, by the band to hear more of their work. And in case if you are wondering, there are many more bands out there who have similar content. You can check them out as well.