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Saint George’s Day: SMSs, WhatsApp Quotes, Thoughts, Messages, Sayings, FB Status, Tweets, Images, Pics

The Saint George’s Day is a very special day, or a festival, very popular and famous festival, among the Christina religion following people, globally, and the day is dedicated, to Saint George. The Saint George’s Day, is also, widely, regarded as the Feast of Saint George.

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This is actually, the feast day of Saint George, which rejoices and observes by the several and different kinds of the Christian Churches, in the different nations globally…

The festival Saint George’s Day is celebrated in some of the nations, on this world, which includes, England, Catalonia and Aragon and so on.

Annually, we all celebrate the carnival, #Saint George’s Day on the 23rd April, globally, which is stands for the traditionally accepted date of the saint’s death in the Diocletianic Persecution of AD 303.

As of now, we are just in a hangover for the Easter weekend, and now, today, on the 23rd April 2019, this is the festival, St #George’s Day, which we obviously, celebrate with our friends and family, with massive zeal and enthusiasms, globally.

Though St #George’s Day, the festival, is not a public holiday, still, there are no stone left un turned in the celebration of this day, and carnival, by us as we love this festival, literally, and respect and admire the same.

Saint George's Day

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As per the legend narration, reportedly, St George was a very good and famous patron saint of England, who killed a dragon, the legend further mentioned.

So he turns to be a very prominent and one of the most important Christian icon of this world, and his good deeds are just incredible, no need to mention.

Saint #George’s Day is also a perfect day when we can share some quotes, Messages, SMS, with our friends and family, in order to celebrate the day, perfectly.

And in this article, you will get a collection of the same, so just read the entire article by scrolling down the same.

Saint George’s Day: SMSs, WhatsApp Quotes, Thoughts, Messages, Sayings, FB Status, Tweets, Images, Pics

1). Wish you all a very happy, Saint #George’s Day 💗

2). Today, it is the Saint #George’s Day; it is a very sacred and good day, so celebrate the day, with some good thoughts and thinking….

3). On this, Saint George’s Day, Let’s take a #Pledge that we will be never waste #Food, as #Meal is #God because it is #FOOd which gives us life, so say no to the Wasting Of Food     #Tuesday Motivation

4). On this Saint George’s Day, lets spread some good thoughts and messages 😍

5). On this Saint George’s Day, let’s take a decision, we will be always there to help each other 💗

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