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Richpanel CRM: Your Globally-Trusted Partner For Business Growth And Expansion

Rich Panel

Rich Panel

Richpanel is a Customer Service Platform for ecommerce websites. It offers Self-Service Software, Help Desk Software and Live Chat under one roof so you can interact with customers contacting you from multiple channels in one place. That’s you can respond to your customers’ who contact you through Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email, Live Chat, or phone call from one dashboard without switching tabs. It’s as simple as that.

What makes Richpanel exceptional is its self-service capability which will help customers solve their issues without even contacting a live agent. So that agents can focus on more prioritized tasks.

Adding a new dimension to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Richpanel has emerged as the virtual key word for organic growth of hundreds of corporate companies across the world over. Richpanel is one of the most globally trusted Customer Data Platform.

Richpanel – The Success Story

Beginning its journey under the leadership of Amit RG some 20+ years ago, the success of Richpanel in establishing itself as the final word for CRM-solution is evident from the fact it is grossing an impressive $20M annually as revenues.

As the Founder and CEO of Richpanel, Amit RG succeeded in widening his CRM business globally netting over 1,000+ corporate companies helping them achieve their healthy organic growth and integrating them more closely with their past, present and future customers.

Richpanel Does Wonders With Its CRM

Offering personalized touch, gaining confidence of customers, retaining old customers and creating new ones are pillars of success of any company. The novel CRM-ideas of Richpanel gives rich dividend to its clients.

That is why Richpanel’s retention rate of clientele is one of the highest among the CRM companies globally. By helping its clients convert their business queries into business, Richpanel has made an indelible imprint in the global corporate world.

Image source: Richpanel

Image source: Richpanel

In other words, Richpanel “Productizes” the customer support factor of its clients. The solution of problems of customers of companies round the clock and 24×7 services help them gain tremendous confidence. It further enables them get new customers.

Offering new customer-oriented services and inventing need-based customer approaches, Richpanel has grown the final word for CRM all across the world. Richpanel is the hallmark in CRM.

Richpanel Helps Companies Expand Their Business

In the modern IT-driven business approach, the CRM has become a necessity due to increase in cut-throat competitions and almost total evaporation of the concept of monopoly in products and services. Now a question arises! How to survive and grow with the help of CRM?

The answer to this tricky question lies in innovations in the CRM-approach which not very many companies are doing in every passing day.

This is where Richpanel differs from other CRM companies as it keeps on updating its IT-enabled system to address the problems of customers with a pragmatic market approach. It has developed its own IT-enabled apps.

It constantly customizes its software through their up-gradations incorporating newer approaches and integrating new innovations. No wonder, Richpanel is considered as final word in e-Commerce customer support and experience platform.

Richpanel Ensures Your Global Presence

Inventing a wide array of innovative customer services methods, Richpanel help companies with live chat and help desk software for e-commerce stores.

It allows them to connect with the requests or product or services demand of clients through latest generation software developed in-house. The customer and visitor management is also done seamlessly with the help of IT-solutions.

As a Customer Data Platform, Richpanel serves its clients to understand issues of their customers and address them accordingly in a very prompt manner.

Self-Service Portal, Ecommerce Help Desk, and Live chat and Messaging are certain very realistic IT-enabled tools of Richpanel that has commanded massive importance from the customers for resolving customer issues instantly.

Pulling data from e-Commerce stores, Richpanel analyze pattern of orders of customers, their real-time browsing activities and similar facts and figures to help its clients to convert businesses. We know conversion is the crux of all business platforms.

Richpanel’ CRM Experience Is Different And Unique

We know the e-Commerce customer support system, in general, comprises mainly live chat ticketing, Frequently Asked Questions, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Twitter, Return Centres and Live Chat Ticketing.

Richpanel, however, has added altogether a new dimension to the CRM-technique through its following innovative processes by combining these services in a single easy-to-use platform:

  1. Omnichannel Helpdesk & Ticketing
  2. Integrated Ecommerce Self-service and
  3. Modern Live Chat & Messaging

These real-time solution packages saw a large number of companies switching over to Richpanel. It has helped companies to manage all the support tickets from a single collaborative inbox.

In the area of managing profiles of companies, Richpanel is rendering massive benefits to its customers through its WooCommece Integration system. It makes available all customer data in a single platform thus helping generate market leads.

Image source: Richpanel

Image source: Richpanel

Such market leads are easily converted into business by the helpdesk & Magento admin integrated with Richpanel.

Richpanel also has its own market research and e-Commerce department:

#1) Offers its clients get a crystal clear and detailed analyses of revenues

#2) Offers them understand market spending trends and spending habit on different commodities and services

Offers clients get a clear picture of updates on orders

#1) Offers methods to know to retain the customers

#2) Offers methods to convert businesses or push up conversion rates.

Richpanel, thus, makes the CRM system for e-Commerce very simple, speedy, easy and helpful. You do not need to exert much effort or time to solve your clientele issues.

The Final Word

Speed is another added advantage of Richpanel its IT-enabled solutions, including self-service and auto-resolve ones, perform jobs in matter of minutes thus speeding up the customer servicing jobs instantaneously.

Word of mouth matters in the realm of businesses of any nature. It can be an eCommerce outfit or a brick and mortar sales outlet. It is here where the CRM’s effectiveness gets reflected and Richpanel excels in it.