“Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again”.

In this article, I’m going to discuss an actress whom we still love unconditionally.

In Bollywood actually, we have so many stars who said tata bye bye to their career, indeed, when they were at the peak of their career. One of them was Reena Roy and we will be discussing here how the term “Zaroorat” (need) helped Reena Roy to be one of the top actresses of her time.

5 Times When Reena Roy Display Her Acting Skills In Her Movies

So let’s discuss here some unknown and interesting scoop on the life of the yesteryear star, Reena Roy! Enjoy.

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Reena Roy: 13 Interesting Facts About This Yesteryear Actress

1). This is really one of the surprising facts of the Reena Roy’s lives that she was to a Hindu mother and a Muslim father. And gradually, her parents actually took divorce.

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2). This was her bad financial condition of her family which compels Reena Roy to join film industry in just her teenage, as per different media reports. Reena Roy was third child of her parents and she also took responsibility of her family.

Although Dr Muffazal Lakdawala confirmed Reena Roy had been admitted to Saifee Hospital, he refused to divulge the reason

3). But Reena Roy refused and disprove all these reports gradually.

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4). Reena Roy was all set to mark her acting career debut as a newcomer with the movie Nai Duniya Naye Log with another newcomer Danny Denzongpa by the filmmaker B. R. Ishara, but the movie was shelved temporarily.

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5). Then B. R. Ishara re-launched both Reena Roy and Danny Denzongpa in the movie “Zaroorat” in 1972.

6). The movie “Zaroorat” was a songless thriller and in that period the movie was composed with some bold scenes. The film gives her tag of the “Zaroorat Girl”.

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7). After “Zaroorat” Reena Roy struggled for around 4 years reportedly then she cast opposite Jeetender, super star of that period in the movie  Jaise Ko Taisa in 1973.

The rain-soaked dance of the beautiful diva in the song “Ab ke sawan mein jee dare” catches plenty of eyeballs and she turned to be the hot cake of the market.

8). In 1976 the horror movie “Nagin” and, from the outset Kalicharan (1976) turn to be the major breakthrough in the career of Reena Roy.

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Initially, in the movie, Kalicharan was very low expectation reportedly as with this movie Subhash Ghai, a failed actor, marked his directorial debut, and Shatrughan Sinha, an actor known for his villainous roles, marked his acting debut as a leading hero.

The film eventually challenged everyone’s expectations and turn out to be a surprise hit of the year.

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9). Reena and Shatrughan got attention from audiences for their good performances and turned to be a famous onscreen couple of the Bollywood, signed together, a number of movies, such as a blockbuster thriller, Subhash Ghai‘s Vishwanath in 1978.

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10). Much before that The successes of the Zakhmee in 1975 catch attention of Bollywood director towards her and she started getting several good projects in the Bollywood.

Though in the multi-starrer movie Zakhmee, her role was minor she proved her worth of being an actress.

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11). In 1976 the supernatural movie Nagin catches audiences and critics attention after she memorized the role of “female snake with mythological powers”, she avenges the death of her lover and she killed all of the 5 men who were involved in the murderer of her lover.

The movie turned out to be a massive hit, and Reena received her first Filmfare nomination as Best Actress and she also proved her versatility with this movie anyway.

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12). at the height of her career and fame, In 1983, Reena Roy decided to quit acting and the Bollywood in order to tie-knot with Mohsin Khan, the Pakistani cricketer. Eventually, somehow The couple divorced.

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13). J.P. Dutta’s blockbuster Ghulami was the last film of Reena Roy where she was cast opposite the superstar Dharmendra 1985.

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