After a prolong battle between the two neighboring states of Odisha and West Bengal, over the origin of Rasogolla or Rosogolla, West Bengal eventually got the GI or Geographical Indication tag for “Banglar Rosogolla” (Bangla Rosogolla).

With this announcement, the GI, which comes under WTO (World Trade Organization), certifies that Banglar Roasogolla originates from West Bengal.

It is not a final verdict on Rasgulla’s originating place, but on one of its derivative, i.e. Banglar Rosogolla or Roshogolla.

Similarly, Odisha can still apply for obtaining GI tag for its “Odishara Rasgulla or Rasagola”. The state is planning to stake a claim for the same very soon.

Rasogolla rasagolla rasgulla

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Why So Much Hullaballoo Over Rasogolla or Rasagola?

I am not here to go back to history and analyse from where this delicious sweet originated historically. We have to look into the future. If India really wishes to popularize its food products worldwide then we have to work together. In the case of Rosogolla, we have enough opportunity to do so. The same goes with some other popular Indian food products as well.

Rather than limiting the boundary of this famous sweet within states, we should make it a worldwide brand representing India’s age-old sweet-making art. This famous dessert is pronounced in various ways across states yet it is a must have sweet for any happy and delightful occasions since time immemorial.

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Rasgulla is basically a popular dessert with a worldwide appeal for its unique color, shape and taste. In fact, the very dessert comes in the shape of a ping-pong ball. It is prepared from cottage cheese, semolina dough, and cooked in light sugar-made syrup. Certainly, it is India’s signature dessert , and the most popular one.

Top 6 Tips to Make Rasgulla The Pride of India

#1) Rasgulla or Rosogulla or Rasagola has very moderate amount of sugar. So diabetic people can definitely gallop 3-4 pieces of rasagola once a week.

#2) Medically, Rasagolla has continued to be stomach-friendly. It cures indigestion, and gives relief to people during loose motion. So, ill people can definitely take at least a couple of rasgollas once or twice a day.

#3) Rasagola is one of India’s ancient desserts, so it has its own historical significance. Every foreign tourist should be asked to taste it, and put forward their honest feedback about this delicious dish.

#4)India’s food processing industry should seriously look into the further prospect of exporting rasagolla to people on a global scale.

#5) Foreign dignitaries should be welcomed to India with a couple of pieces of Rasagola on a traditional Indian bowl having thanka or Madhubani art imprinted on it. Such things leave an indelible positive impact in the mind of foreign dignitaries and visitors for a long time.

Along with Rasagula, it will also create awareness of the visitors about India’s rich and glorious art and heritage.

#6) Finally, Rasagolla is the national pride of India. We should eat and consume it, and give as much importance to it as possible that we give to jalebis during any national occasion be it Independence day or Republic day. Rasgulla is far healthier than jalebis! Mind it !

Finally, Rasogolla Belongs to…….

Actually, as an Indian, I have as much claim on Rasgulla that any other Odiya or Bengali person has. I personally, have never attached it to any particular state. It could be popularized more by better branding and innovation.

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But, it’s distressing to see the frequent spars of the states over its origin rather than doing something innovative to make Rasogolla more famous, and contribute towards the nation’s GDP and employment generation as well.

By: Atish Home Chowdhury

© 2017, All rights reserved.

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