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Rajendra Kumar: Journey Turn To Be Jubilee Kumar?

Rajendra Kumar: Journey Turn To Be Jubilee Kumar?

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It will be really surprised to know that Raj Kapoor actually thought to cast Dilip Kumar as Gopal in the movie “Sangam” but eventually, he thought to cast the budding actor Rajendra Kumar in the role of Gopal, indeed Rajendra Kumar nailed in the role of Gopal.

The way Rajendra Kumar memorialized the role of Gopal we can say; thankfully Dilip Kumar refused the role. Post the success of “Sangam” as a second lead, Rajendra Kumar started kissing success and turn to be Jubilee Kumar!

This time Rajendra, was on the winning spree anyway at the box office, gave an emotionally restrained performance in the movie “Sangam” which became one of the massively successful films ever in the Indian cinema.

Rajendra Kumar: Journey Turn To Be Jubilee Kumar?

Image Source:, A poster of Sangam

It was the period when Kumar has been seen giving some non-stop hits in the box office at the consecutive numbers.

Between 1959 and 1966, Rajendra Kumar regarded as the Midas touch as whenever he or his appearances touched turned any film, the film turned to be gold at the box office.

The period from 1963 to 1966, when the legendary actor Rajendra Kumar turned to be unbeatable with 100 percent box office success ratio.

The method actor Dilip Kumar, whom the audience loved and the critics admired, was very particular while selecting his movies.

So various filmmakers in spite wish to have the tragedy king Dilip Kumar in their movies come in empty hand if Dilip did not find the movie worth.

When Rajendra, essayed the role of Nargi’s virtuous son in the Mehboob Khan’s renaissance movie, Mother India, it was the time when he was slowly tiptoeing his way to stardom, became the next best option for the industry who wishes to cast an actor in the reasonably priced.

Rajendra Kumar: Journey Turn To Be Jubilee Kumar?

Image Source:, Rajendra Kumar with Sunil Dutt and Nargis in Mother India.

Needless to say, when Rajendra is there in any film, there is 100% success ration of the film was believed to be.

In no time, his passionate charm made romance easily available, and the way he made audience emotional it was just an incredible.

With some good movies Rajendra Kumar had on his kitty, he delivered back to back hits and was crowned Jubilee Kumar, a hat tip to the fact that his multiple films completed more than 25 weeks at a stretch.

Born as RK Tulli in Sialkot, Rajendra had seen a lot of hardships due to Partition before making it big in, Mumbai, back then Bombay. He was slowly making his space in the industry and once he said about his bungalow at Carter Road.

He wanted a lavish house for his family as in his heart he had a hidden desire to have his own home as he was in grief-stricken for leaving his own ancestral house in Pakistan while partitioning.

He sought the bungalow but didn’t have enough money and this was the period when he received advance payment for his role in the courtroom thriller Kanoon, from the producer B R Chopra.

Kanoon was the first Hindi song-less talkie and it was big deal for filmmakers to stick audiences for any movie without any song or romance, which the film Kanoon did and the film turned to be blockbuster.

In fact, the acting caliber of the actor Rajendra Kumar was such a flawless in the movie Kanoon that people started assuming him as an advocate. The actor made the role of an advocate Advocate Kailash Khanna immortalized.

Rajendra Kumar: Journey Turn To Be Jubilee Kumar?

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It will be really stunned to know post the success of Kanoon, Rajendra Kumar started receiving the court cases and the actor went once public to clear that he is an actor, not a lawyer.

Afterward the success of film Kanoon, Rajendra Kumar buy a bungalow in spite of that there were warnings from people that it was a haunted a house.

He bought the bungalow immediately, named it Dimple, performed the customary pooja and moved in.

It was the period when he was in this bungalow Rajendra Kumar had experienced the phase of being Jubilee Kumar.

Rajendra Kumar was also considering one of the richest men in the industry.  After ruling late 50s and 60s era of Bollywood, in the time of 70s era Rajendra Kumar started doing supporting roles with full graced, reportedly, the newcomer Rajesh Khanna turned to be the big competitor of Kumar.

Another interesting event from the Rajendra Kumar’s life is that when he mesmerized his screen presences in the movie “Mere Mehboob” as Anwar Hussain.

Rajendra Kumar: Journey Turn To Be Jubilee Kumar?

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A still from Mere Mehboob, another huge hit.

It was the period when people started assumed him as Muslim as the way he performed the role of a Muslim man from Lucknow it was incredible.

People started writing him the letter and asked Rajendra Kumar to reveal his real name post the success of movie “Mere Mehboob” as people consider him as Muslim and thought that like, Dilip Kumar, he named himself as Rajendra Kumar.

It was the period when he cleared this to his fans that Rajendra Kumar is his real name and he never changed his name, neither he will change. Rajendra Kumar is the name which is coined by his parents.

Another movie of the actor Rajendra Kumar “Arzoo” also turned to be an inspiration for the handicapped people as the film was based on the story of a physically impaired person.

No wonder, why the musical hit “Arzoo” turned to be huge box office success and certainly Rajendra Kumar nailed in the lead role which earned him huge acclaimed.

This is the journey of Rajendra Kumar how he turned to be Jubilee Kumar! Please do let us know your opinion in the comment sections!

Article Source: the quint and an old interview of Rajendra Kumar

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  1. Thanks a lot for writing this amazing collection of memories. People generally follow a hero who is larger than life. But, it is actors like rajendra kumar, shashi kapoor and dilip kumar who portray the real hero who can lead the society with his skills. These actors will always remain alive in the society for the roles they did.
    Amazing post. loved it.

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