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Rain Trip from Bangalore – Explore the Western Ghats

The brooding clouds provide a dramatic backdrop to a road trip into the laps of the Western Ghats. One of the destinations that people in Bangalore will enjoy exploring is Chikmagalur, a town known for its cool climes, coffee plantations, and dramatic mountain peaks.

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Bangalore to Chikmagalur is a fascinating 245-km journey west via the NH75 (the fastest choice) – as one leaves the Deccan flats to gradually climb up misty winding roads. Enroute there are some attractions that are worth a stop. The best way to fully enjoy this trip is to choose a self-drive car rental over regular cabs or public transport. Travellers will have complete privacy and they can make impromptu stops and detours as they wish.

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Things to do near Chikmagalur

A trip to Chikmagalur is all about the natural beauty. Thick forest groves, cloud-shrouded hills and the symmetric layouts of plantations blend to provide a truly scenic experience. Driving around the place is the ideal way to make discoveries.

Land of Waterfalls

With the rains, the streams and rivulets of the forest gain volume and force, and it manifests in the many waterfalls of the region. The Jhari or Buttermilk Falls is a popular and accessible waterfall a short drive out of the main town. It falls in multiple steps and there are pool formations at the bottom. Located in the Kemmangundi National Park, Hanuman Gundi Falls plunges more than 100 feet.

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Hebbe Falls is one of the best natural sites to visit around Chikamagalur. Getting here requires a bit of a hike and the plunge is more than 150 metres in height, making it an awe-inspiring waterfall to witness.

Rain Trip from Bangalore – Explore the Western Ghats

Scale the Mountains

The Kudremukh peak is the second highest in Karnataka and it is known for its distinctive shape which can be recognized from a distance. A hike here is recommended as one gets to walk through forested routes and wild meadows before reaching the summit. The panoramic views from the summit will make anyone gush at the beauty of this landscape.

Enter the Wilderness

Chikmagalur is the perfect base to explore the forests of this region. The Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a verdant paradise, a home to India’s most iconic species – the great Bengal tiger. Jeep safaris here are recommended while there are some nature trails which can be explored. Early morning and dusk is a good time to spot the local species – apart from tigers, one may encounter various species of antelope, leopards, gaurs, parakeets, Malabar trogons and hornbills amongst many other wild residents.

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Self Drive – A Complete Way to Travel

Exploring the peaks and forests of Chikmagalur is enjoyable when done with freedom. Informed travellers choose an end-to-end transport solution like Zoomcar, a trusted car rental in Bangalore. The app-based platform allows registered users to book cars in a few seconds, no questions asked. A wide array of vehicles are available to choose from and assurances like 24/7 on-road security add an extra layer of security and convenience to the trip experience.

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The rather unexplored ranges of Chikmagalur embrace those who love adventure and respect nature. Soak in the monsoon winds and the warm hospitality by hitting the road in style.